Quiz 193

Quiz 193

1              Which historic character has been played on screen by Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner & Errol Flynn?

2              What was the nationality of Abel Tasman who discovered the island he called Tasmania?

3              How many cricket pitches would a horse run in a 5-furlong horse race?

4              Which town in West Yorkshire has the same name as the capital of Nova Scotia in Canada?

5              For which film did Heath ledger win a Best Supporting Oscar posthumously?

6              In which decade were Zebra Crossings introduced in the UK?

7              In medieval times what would you do with a sackbut – play it, drink it or ride in it?

8              Which Rugby League teams are known as the Rhinos, Warriors & Tigers?

9              Which breed of dog is “talking” on a current insurance TV advert?

10           What did the 2015 Miss World contestants not wear for the first time since 1951?

11           How is American Judith Sheindlin better known as on a TV reality show?

12           Which company was the owner of the Redcar Steel Works when it closed & in which country are they based?

13           After athletics, at which 3 sports has Great Britain won the most Olympic gold medals?

14           Which doctor did Hugh Lofting write about in a series of children’s books?

15           Who had hits with these “moon” songs – Moonlighting 1975, Moonlight Shadow 1983, Under the Moon of Love 1976?

16           A spoken version of which Beatles song was recorded by Peter Sellers in 1965?

17           Which group of islands were discovered by John Davis in 1592 and became world news 390 years later?

18           Why was it not funny for the Smiler in 2015?

19           Which TV character famously picked up a small dog, put it to his ear and said 4291?

20           Which football teams starting with W have won the FA Cup?

21           “and the rest of the day to yourself” is the correct response to which cheery greeting?

22           From which musicals do these songs originate – Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, Luck Be A Lady, Younger Than Springtime

23           Which Star Wars character was the first ever film based Lego mini-figure?

24           Which wine maker is one of the main sponsors of the Australian Open tennis tournament?

25           Whose last film was Carry on Dick made in 1974?

26           Who is the only female character in the Winnie the Pooh stories?

27           How much did Google pay in Corporation Tax to HMRC this week?

28           Name any year in which Davy Crockett was alive?

29           Which emblem is used on the House of Commons notepaper?

30           What are the 4 “coloured “seas? 


1              Robin Hood

2              Dutch

3              50

4              Halifax

5              Dark Knight

6              50s (1951)

7              Play it – it’s like a trombone

8              Leeds, Wigan, Castleford

9              Beagle

10           Swimsuits

11           Judge Judy

12           SSI, Thailand

13           Rowing Cycling Sailing

14           Doolittle

15           Leo Sayer, Mike Oldfield, Showaddywaddy

16           A Hard Day’s Night

17           Falklands

18           Failed ride at Alton Towers

19           Victor Meldrew

20           West Bromwich Albion, Wanderers, Wolverhampton Wanderers ,West Ham Utd,, Wigan Athletic, Wimbledon

21           Top of the morning to you

22           Oklahoma, Guys & Dolls, South Pacific

23           Luke Skywalker

24           Jacob’s Creek

25           Sid James

26           Kanga

27           £130 million

28           1786 to 1836

29           Portcullis

30           White Black Yellow Red


Q            In 2010, which female US singer was voted “Greatest Singer of all Time” by Rolling Stone magazine?

A            Aretha Franklin

Number Guess

Q  What was the world record for the most consecutive jumps on a pogo stick?

A  88047

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2 Responses to Quiz 193

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great quizzes. Lots of interesting questions every week. Question 14 should be Hugh Lofting.

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