Quiz 191

Quiz 191

Pop Music

1              Sharleen Spiteri is the lead singer of which band?

2              Who was George Michael’s partner in Wham!?

3              What was the name of the rat sung about by Michael Jackson?

4              5 Colours in Her Hair & Obviously were the first 2 number one singles for which band?

5              Who were the 2 members of the Eurythmics?


6              Which day in the Christian world is the first day of Lent?

7              A menorah is a 7 or 9 stemmed candelabra used in which religion?

8              Who is the current Archbishop of Canterbury?

9              Which religion use prayer wheels?

10            What are the first & last books of the New testament?


11            What type of hat derives its name from the Spanish word for shade?

12            Which French word is used to describe women’s flared trousers cut to look like a skirt?

13            Which trapeze artist gave his name to a garment?

14            The Inuit people wear mukluks on their feet – what are they made from?

15            Which US President & which British engineer were famous for wearing stovepipe hats?

Family Films

16            Which character owned Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

17            In which Disney film did the song “Give a Little Whistle” feature?

18            What was the name of the family that Mary Poppins went to work for?

19            In which film did Tom Hanks play 13-year-old Josh Baskin?

20            Which 2 actors have played Willie Wonka on film?

General Knowledge

21            On the Beaufort Scale of wind speed what type of wind is Force 10?

22            In which country is Timbuktu?

23            Which car company made the Horizon & Solara models?

24            In which country did the rumba originate?

25            If a chemical is described as anhydrous, what does it not contain?

26            Lack of vitamin D causes which disease?

27            What does the R stand for in TARDIS?

28            Whose puppet was Lamb Chop?

29            In which European city are the Tivoli Gardens?

30            Mercury is the only element which is liquid at room temperature – true or false?



1              Texas

2              Andrew Ridgeley

3              Ben

4              McFly

5              Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart

6              Ash Wednesday

7              Judaism

8              Justin Welby

9              Buddhism

10            St Matthew & Revelation

11            Sombrero (sombra)

12            Culottes

13            Jules Leotard

14            Sealskin

15            Abraham Lincoln & Isambard Kingdom Brunel

16            Caractacus Potts

17            Pinocchio

18            Banks

19            Big

20            Johnny Depp & Gene Wilder

21            Storm

22            Mali

23            Talbot

24            Cuba

25            Water

26            Rickets

27            Relative

28            Shari Lewis

29            Copenhagen

30            False – Bromine also


Q             After India, which country produces the most films in a year?

A              Nigeria

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             On 28th August 2014 how many earthquakes did Iceland have (the most in a day)?           A              1187

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