Quiz 187

Quiz 187

Fictional Spacemen

1              In which 1998 film did Robert Duvall pilot the spacecraft Messiah to try to prevent a comet hitting Earth?

2              Which space hero was called the Pilot of the Future?

3              Which musical astronaut was told “Take your protein pills & put your helmet on”?

4              Which TV astronaut disappeared in 1987 & turned up again in the 25th century?

5              Astronaut Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, had what replaced on his body giving him exceptional abilities?

Girlie Stuff

6              Which singer has a perfume range including Music Box, Darling & Showtime?

7              The designer Teddy Tinling was most famous for his designs used in which sport?

8              Which tiny ladies fashion item was invented by Louis Reard in 1946 & named after a coral island in the Pacific?

9              Which handbag & purse manufacturer was founded by Lowell Harder in London in 1998?

10            Cecil Beaton designed the costumes & won an Oscar for his designs for which iconic 1964 film musical?


11            Which time of the year is mentioned in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar?

12            Barbara Dickson had a big hit in 1980 with a song title of which 2 months of the year?

13            What was the title of Tom Clancy’s debut novel in 1984?

14            Which actress played Edina Monsoon’s mother in Absolutely Fabulous?

15            Between which 2 months of the year should you avoid eating oysters according to an old myth?


16            Ginger Baker is best known as the drummer of which rock band?

17            Jasper Carrot is a supporter & former director of which football club?

18            Sean Bean played the villain Janus in which Pierce Brosnan Bond movie of 1995?

19            Which TV comedy character was obsessed with the acquisition of turnips?

20            Which 2 characters went to sea in a pea green boat?

General Knowledge

21            Whose wedding took place at Windsor Guildhall on 9th April 2005?

22            Which cut of beef is between the rump & the fore rib?

23            What was Disney’s 3rd animated feature film?

24            Who was the first female winner of the X Factor in 2006?

25            Whose autobiography was called 1966 and All That?

26            Which children’s TV character was Emily’s favourite toy & lived in a shop?

27            Which of Henry VIII’s wives was born in Dusseldorf in 1515?

28            In which city is the House of the Rising Sun?

29            What is the largest town in Devon?

30            Michelin is the largest manufacture of rubber tyres – true or false?



1              Deep Impact

2              Dan Dare

3              Major Tom (Space Oddity – David Bowie)

4              Buck Rogers

5              Right arm, both legs & one eye

6              Kylie Minogue

7              Tennis (dresses)

8              Bikini

9              Radley

10            My Fair Lady

11            Ides of March

12            January February

13            The Hunt for Red October

14            June Whitfield

15            May & August

16            Cream

17            Birmingham City

18            GoldenEye

19            Baldrick in Blackadder

20            The Owl & the Pussycat

21            Charles & Camilla

22            Sirloin

23            Fantasia

24            Leona Lewis

25            Geoff Hurst

26            Bagpuss

27            Anne of Cleves

28            New Orleans

29            Torquay

30            False – it’s Lego!


Q             Which fruit is the most consumed in the world?

A              Mango

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             What is the world record for the most people sitting on one chair?                    A              1831


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4 Responses to Quiz 187

  1. Rolly Jones says:

    Q.15….never eat oysters unless there is an R in the month….so surely oysters should not be eaten between APRIL & SEPTEMBER….I believe May to August is incorrect

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