Quiz 184

Quiz 184


1              Hannibal Heyes & Kid Curry were the 2 main characters in which TV series?

2              What was Desperate Dan’s favourite food?

3              How many brothers did Wyatt Earp have – 2, 3 or 4?

4              Which singer recorded the song Rhinestone Cowboy?

5              On which TV Channel is the daytime show Cowboy Builders broadcast?


6              Which metal is used in the galvanising process?

7              Before flash bulbs were invented which metal was used as extra lighting by photographers?

8              Is a 1990 UK 2 pence piece magnetic?

9              Pewter is an alloy made with tin & which other metal?

10            What was the Tin Man looking for in the Wizard of Oz & which tool did he carry?


11            Which toy was created by Ole Christiansen in Denmark?

12            Which group of animal figures won Toy of the Year in 1987, 1988 & 1989?

13            What is the name of the Japanese keychain-size virtual pet created in 2004?

14            Which toy requires around 75 feet of wire to manufacture?

15            What are the names of the female suspects in Cluedo?


16            Eric Spear wrote the theme to which TV soap?

17            Who plays Blade in the film series?

18            What is the Japanese martial art using a bamboo sword?

19            What kind of guns were targeted in the Violent Crimes Bill of 2006?

20            Which UK number one single featured in the film Top Gun – song & artist for 2 points?

General Knowledge

21            One for his nob is an expression used in which card game?

22            If you had queso in a Spanish restaurant what kind of food would you be having?

23            Monopoly now has 8 tokens – which animal token was added in 2013?

24            Which historical figure did Kenneth Branagh portray at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony?

25            Which snooker player was known as the Grinder?

26            Subtract the number of edges on a die from the total spots?

27            How many lines are there in a sonnet?

28            Which song did the BBC presenters perform with Morecambe & Wise at Christmas 1977?

29            How many eyes does the Minion Stuart have?

30            Dr Who’s famous scarf worn by Tom Baker was so long because the woman who knitted it

mistakenly thought she had to use up all the wool she was given by the BBC =True or false?


1              Alias Smith & Jones

2              Cow Pie

3              Four

4              Glen Campbell

5              Channel 5

6              Zinc

7              Magnesium

8              No (1992 when they became magnetic)

9              Lead

10            Heart/Axe

11            Lego

12            Sylvanian Families

13            Tamagotchi

14            Slinky

15            Miss Scarlett. Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White

16            Coronation Street

17            Wesley Snipes

18            Kendo

19            Replica

20            Take My Breath Away – Berlin

21            Cribbage

22            Cheese

23            Cat

24            Brunel

25            Cliff Thorburn

26            21 – 12 = 9

27            14

28            There is Nothing Like a Dame from South Pacific

29            One

30            TRUE


Q    Which group were the first after the Beatles to have 14 consecutive UK top 5 singles?

A    Steps

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q    How long did the astronauts on Apollo 17 stay on the moon?

A    74 hrs 59 minutes 40 seconds

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