100 Christmas Questions

To get you in the festive mood here are 100 Christmas themed questions.


1              “Attaboy Clarence” are the last words spoken in which classic Christmas film?

2              “They sold me a dream of Christmas They sold me a silent night” is from which Christmas song?

3              “Top to toe in tail backs, I got red lights all around” is from which Christmas song?

4              According to the 12 days of Christmas, how many of the 12 presents given were definitely female?

5              An orange is used to make a Christingle – what does it represent?

6              At Christmas in 1814, the last Frost Fair was held in London – but precisely where?

7              At which city’s airport was the film Die Hard 2 set on Christmas Eve?

8              Baron Hardup is the biological father of how many children?

9              Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean is administered by which country?

10            Cliff Richard’s last 3 number ones were all at or near Christmas (1988 1990 & 1999) – name them

11            Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman is a line from which panto?

12            From which Judy Garland musical does the song Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas come?

13            From which town did the Grinch steal Christmas?

14            Has a song with the words Santa Claus in the title ever been a No 1 single in the UK?

15            How many official white Christmases were there in the 20th century – 9, 12 or 15?

16            How many points are there on every snowflake?

17            How many times do you sing Jingle in one chorus of Jingle Bells?

18            In America what kind of canned pie filling is the biggest seller at Christmas?

19            In Jack & the Beanstalk, Jack receives beans in exchange for what?

20            In my all-time favourite film “It’s a Wonderful Life” what happens “Every Time a Bell Rings”?

21            In the film Babe, which Christmas song does Babe sing?

22            In the Snowman & the Snowdog shown at Christmas, which article of clothing were the Snowdog’s ears made from?

23            In the Snowman what is the name of the little boy?

24            In the song Let It Snow what is the weather described as?

25            In the story of Cinderella what was transformed into a coach & which creatures were turned into the horses?

26            In which century was the first panto produced in the UK?

27            In which fictional land is it always winter but never Christmas?

28            In which film did Jim Carrey play Lloyd Christmas?

29            In which film was the song White Christmas first heard?

30            In which panto does the character King Rat appear?

31            In which traditional panto does Maid Marion appear?

32            In which TV comedy was Christmas cancelled due to Tommy Slocombe’s tunneling?

33            Mary’s Boy Child was number one in the UK twice – once by Harry Belafonte and then by who in 1978?

34            Olibanum is an alternative name for which Christmas gift?

35            On which type of tree does mistletoe commonly grow in the UK?

36            “Room is swaying, records playing, all the songs we love to hear” is from which song?

37            Scrooge never celebrated Christmas – what was his clerk called in A Christmas carol by Dickens?

38            “She didn’t see me creep, downstairs to have a peep” is from which song?

39            The druids believed which Christmas plant was sacred?

40            The Twelve Days of Christmas feature which comedy chat show host?

41            The Twelve Days of Christmas features the surname of which character from Crossroads?

42            The Twelve Days of Christmas features the surname of which female comedian?

43            The Twelve Days of Christmas features which brand of soap and beauty products?

44            The Twelve Days of Christmas features which sports ground?

45            “They’ve got cars big as bars, they’ve got rivers of gold” is from which Christmas hit?

46            “To save us all from Satan’s powe”r is a line from which carol?

47            What 2 spices (both start with C) are used to give mulled wine its distinctive flavour?

48            What 2 words are normally pre-printed on Christmas gift tags?

49            What 3 ingredients do you need to make a snowball for your gran at Christmas?

50            What are all farmyard animals supposed to be able to do on Christmas Eve?

51            What are the names of the 3 Santa’s reindeer starting with the letter D?

52            What did Dirty Den give Angie on Christmas Day 1986 in EastEnders?

53            What did Harry Potter get for his first Christmas at Hogwarts?

54            What did Santa Claus win in 1964?

55            What do Americans call an ice lolly?

56            What English title to we know the hymn Adeste Fidelis?

57            What is Aladdin’s surname?

58            What is Babycham made from?

59            What is the name of Cinderella’s father in the pantomime?

60            What is the name of Jack’s cow in Jack & the Beanstalk?

61            What is the name of Prince Charming’s best friend?

62            What kind of Merry Christmas did a cute group of environmentalists want us to have in 1974?

63            What nationality is Ali Baba in the pantomime?

64            What nationality is Jack in Jack & the Beanstalk?

65            What nationality was Aladdin?

66            What nickname for Hollywood sounds Christmassy?

67            What sort of animal is Snowball in George Orwell’s Animal farm?

68            What toy was Arnold Schwartzenegger searching for in Jingle All the Way?

69            What was Bill Murray’s profession in the film Scrooged?

70            What was Mr. Bean looking for when he got his head stuck in the turkey?

71            What was the full name of the Christmas Shrek TV special?

72            What was the name of the character played by Robbie Coltrane in the TV series Cracker?

73            What was the weather like on Christmas Eve when Rudolph has to help Santa out?

74            When I Marry Mr. Snow is from which Rodgers & Hammerstein musical?

75            When was the Queen’s 1st Christmas broadcast 1953 1955 or 1957?

76            Where does snow have to fall to be an official white Christmas?

77            Which 1980 Christmas top 10 hit begins Hey Mr. Churchill comes over here?

78            Which actor called off Christmas in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves?

79            Which actress won an Oscar for her role in the 1993 film The Piano?

80            Which Apollo mission spent Christmas Day orbiting the moon in 1968?

81            Which Christmas carol mentions figgy pudding?

82            Which Christmas decoration was originally designed for French soldiers?

83            Which Christmas dish originates from a Celtic recipe called fromarty?

84            Which Christmas song is heard at the end of the film Die Hard2?

85            Which country calls Christmas NADOLIG?

86            Which country traditionally supplies the Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square?

87            Which European capital city presents a Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square every year?

88            Which famous Christmas film is set in a town called Bedford Falls?

89            Which fictional character was so mean at Christmas because his heart was 2 sizes too small?

90            Which politician appeared on the 2010 Strictly Christmas show?

91            Which singer appeared in the 1983 film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence?

92            Which song was the first Christmas song to be sung from space in 1965?

93            Who banned Christmas in the UK in 1649?

94            Who played Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street in 1994?

95            Who played Santa Claus in The Santa Clause in 1994?

96            Who took When a Child is Born to number one at Christmas 1976?

97            Who was the male co-star with Bing Crosby in White Christmas

98            Who wrote the Christmas story The Grinch?

99            Who, with a 118-inch waist, topped the UK charts @ Christmas 1993?

100          Would an icicle be classed as a stalagmite or a stalactite?


1              It’s A Wonderful Life

2              I Believe in Father Christmas

3              Driving Home for Christmas

4              4 – French Hens Geese a laying Maids Milking Ladies Dancing

5              Earth

6              On the frozen Thames

7              Washington (Dulles)

8              One (Ugly sisters are adopted)

9              Australia

10            Mistletoe & Wine/Saviour’s Day/Millennium Prayer

11            Jack & the Beanstalk

12            Meet Me in St Louis

13            Hooville

14            No

15            9

16            Six

17            6

18            Pumpkin

19            His Mother’s cow

20            An angel gets its wings

21            Jingle Bells

22            Socks

23            James

24            Frightful

25            Pumpkin & mice

26            18th (1717)

27            Narnia

28            Dumb and Dumber

29            Holiday Inn

30            Dick Whittington

31            Babes in the Wood

32            Porridge

33            Boney M

34            Frankincense

35            Oak

36            Merry Christmas Everyone

37            Bob Cratchitt

38            I Saw Mommy Kissing SC

39            Mistletoe

40            Partridge

41            Turtle

42            French

43            Dove

44            Lords

45            Fairytale of New York

46            God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

47            Cinnamon & Cloves

48            To and From

49            Advocaat Lemonade Lime Juice

50            Talk

51            Donner, Dancer, Dasher

52            Divorce papers

53            Invisibility Cloak

54            The Derby

55            Popsicle

56            O Come All Ye Faithful

57            Twankey

58            Pears

59            Baron Hardup

60            Buttercup or Daisy depending on which version

61            Dandini

62            Wombling

63            Iraqi (Arab)

64            English

65            Chinese

66            Tinsel Town

67            Pig

68            Turboman

69            TV Executive

70            His watch

71            Shrek the Halls

72            Fitz

73            Foggy

74            Carousel

75            1957

76            On the roof of the London Met office

77            Stop The Cavalry – Jona Lewie

78            Alan Rickman

79            Holly Hunter

80            Apollo 8

81            We Wish You a Merry Christmas

82            Tinsel

83            Christmas Pudding

84            Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

85            Wales

86            Norway

87            Oslo

88            It’s a Wonderful Life

89            The Grinch

90            Vince Cable

91            David Bowie

92            Jingle Bells

93            Oliver Cromwell

94            Richard Attenborough

95            Tim Allen

96            Johnny Mathis

97            Danny Kaye

98            Dr. Seuss

99            Mr. Blobby

100          Stalactite


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2 Responses to 100 Christmas Questions

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent. questions. In question 10 I believe Millennium Prayer suprisingly did not make Xmas number1 in the UK in1999. Question 33 I believe should be Harry Belafonte in 1957.

    • Glad you enjoyed them.
      In answer to your comments: According to everyhit.com (the reference I used when I compiled this) The Millennium Prayer did reach number one in the UK in November 99; You are correct with Harry Belafonte – now corrected.

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