Quiz 182

Quiz 182

1              What kind of pastry do you use to make eclairs?

2              Which bank liked to say yes?

3a            In which part of London was The Good Life set?

3b            In which town is Birds of a Feather set?

3c            In which part of London was Steptoe & Son set?

4              At what times do polling stations open & close at UK General Elections?

5              What was the name of the cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of Tuscany in 2012?

6              What did the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell throw to George Osborne in the House of Commons last week?

7              If you saw a cuspidor in a bar what would you use it for?

8              Apart from Great Britain, name 4 European countries to have won the Davis Cup?

9              The drug AZT was one of the first to be used to treat which disease?

10            In the song If I Were a Rich Man, he would have “one long staircase just going up & one even longer……. what”?

11            The pressure group ASH are anti-smoking, what is the name of the group who promote the right to smoke?

12            Which chemical element is now officially spelt the American way with an “f” instead of a “ph”?

13            Which bands or singers had top 5 hits with these “sunny” songs?

Seasons in the Sun (1999) The Sun Always Shines on TV (1985)  Girl (1979)  Lazy Sunday (1968)

14            Miss Tibbs & Miss Gatsby were 2 spinsters who appeared regularly in which classic BBC sitcom?

15            Apart from ice cream what other 2 ingredients are essential for Rocky Road ice cream?

16            Which Australian tennis player was world no.1 & no.1 seed at the first professional Wimbledon in 1968?

17            Who famously said in front of a Parliamentary Committee in July 2011 that it was “the most humble day of my life”?

18            The film of Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone was known as what in the USA?

19            Which Lancashire town do Gracie Fields & folk singer Mike Harding have in common?

20            Which 2 of the 7 deadly sins begin with G?

21            In film, which famous jewel was stolen by Sir Charles Lytton alias The Phantom?

22            Suriname, Angola & Eritrea were former colonies of which European countries?

23            In the Wheels On the Bus – how do the wipers go & how does the horn go?

24            On which rivers are these dams – Aswan, Kariba, Hoover?

25            Which of these is the heaviest – black bear, grizzly bear or polar bear?

26            Which Italian club did Paul Gascoigne play for?

27            Which of these can run the fastest – hare, horse or greyhound?

28            Name 3 of the original locations of Butlins holiday camps in England?

29            How many F1 World Champions have been called Hill?

30            What are the 4 countries in the EU beginning with S?


1              Choux

2              TSB

3a            Surbiton

3b            Chigwell

3c            Shepherd’s Bush

4              7 am & 10 pm

5              Costa Concordia

6              Mao’s Little Red Book

7              Spitting

8              Any 4 pf France Sweden Italy Czechoslovakia Germany Spain Croatia Serbia Switzerland

9              AIDS

10            Coming down

11            FOREST

12            Sulfur

13            Westlife, A-Ha, Blondie, Faces

14            Fawlty Towers

15            Nuts & Marshmallow

16            Rod  Laver

17            Rupert Murdoch

18            HP & the Sorcerer’s Stone

19            Rochdale

20            Greed Gluttony

21            Pink Panther

22            Netherlands, Portugal, Italy

23            Swish (x3) Beep (x3)

24            Nile, Zambesi, Colorado

25            Grizzly

26            Lazio

27            Hare

28            Bognor Regis, Clacton, Minehead, Skegness, Filey

29            3 – Graham Damon & Phil

30            Sweden Spain Slovenia Slovakia


Q    Which English city was the first to broadcast a BBC Local Radio station?

A    Liecester

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q   In which year did Baby Bel cheese go on sale in France?

A   1931


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