Quiz Formats

I’ve been asked to explain the formats of the 2 quizzes I host on a regular basis. For those of you who view regularly, you will know there are 2 styles of quiz.

Quiz A

This is a straightforward 30 question general knowledge quiz with a point for every right answer. In amongst this quiz some multi answers are required, again 1 point for each correct answer. Entry into this quiz is 50p per person and the money generated (+ host venue contribution) is distributed usually as 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes.

This is followed by a jackpot question (usually quite difficult). Entry is 20p per person but only 1 answer per team is allowed. The jackpot must be won outright by one team. If no team gets it right or more than one team gets it right, the jackpot is not won & “rolled over” to the following week. The jackpot is limited to a maximum of £100. Any funds left over are carried forward.

Finally, there is the “20 pencer” as we call it (Number Guess in the published quizzes). This is a question requiring a numerical answer. Everyone can enter as many guesses as they wish @ 20 pence per guess. The nearest to the correct answer wins the total entry fund. In general they are pure guesses from the contestants point of view. Many of the questions used are unknowable but guessable!

Quiz B

This is a 30 question general knowledge quiz split into 5 sections; four sections of 5 themed or connected questions followed by a 10 question general knowledge section. Entry is 50 pence per person.

However, the answer sheets are randomly marked with one “doubler” in the first 4 sections worth 2 points. No two answer sheets are the same. Multi point questions are never double points.

The last 10 questions are used for the gamblers amongst the teams as the scoring system is as follows:-

1 point for each CORRECT answer

Minus 1 point for each INCORRECT answer

Zero points for not answering at all.

In theory this means a team could get anything from +10 to -10 if they are real gamblers. For example, 5 correct, 2 incorrect & 3 not answered generates 3 points. Fortune usually favours the brave!

The reason this slightly complicated scoring system is used it does introduce a random element and the last 10 questions usually spark heated discussions within each team!

This quiz is followed by a jackpot & 20 pencer as in Quiz A.


I hope this rather long-winded explanation helps those who have asked me.

Thank you for your continued interest.



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