Quiz 181

Quiz 181


1              What was Muhammed Ali’s autobiography called?

2              Which writer created George Smiley?

3              In which Dickens novel does Uriah Heep appear?

4              Jeff Kinney writes a series of children’s books called Diary of a ……. what?

5              What were the titles of the first 2 “Hollywood” books by Jackie Collins?

Famous Deaths

6              Which civil rights leader was assassinated in Memphis in 1968?

7              Which character killed builder Charlie Stubbs in Coronation Street in 2007?

8              What was the name of the area in Dallas where JFK was killed?

9              Who was brought back to life by Jesus 4 days after his death?

10           Are these celebrities still alive or still dead – Leonard Nimoy Chuck Berry Billy Graham Doris Day?


11           What breed of dog were Perdita & Pongo?

12           What did Dumbo do immediately before his ears grew big?

13           What is the name of the boy who owns the toys in Toy Story?

14           Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust & Anger are the 5 emotions that come to life in Riley’s head in which 2015 animated film?

15           In Despicable Me, what is the name of the super villain who owns the Minions & name the 3 orphans?

TV Connection

16           Which actress played the lead in Private Benjamin in 1980?

17           What was the name of the purple dinosaur in the American children’s show of the 90’s?

18           Which pair of criminals were shot by the Texas Rangers in Louisiana in 1934?

19           Which historic site in Jordan featured in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade?

20           Which Australian performer played the lead in Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat in 1991?


General Knowledge

21           Irish singer Enya got to number 1 in the charts with a song containing the name of which South American river?

22           Which female tennis player won 7 Wimbledon Singles titles between 1988 & 1996?

23           What colour gloves does Mickey Mouse wear?

24           On which island is Mount Etna?

25           DCLV is the Roman numeral version of which number?

26           What is the surname of Doc Martin?

27           In Germany what kind of building is a krankenhaus?

28           The town of Lourdes in France is a place of pilgrimage to celebrate which saint?

29           In which city is Grampian TV based?

30           In the Godfather films, every time an orange is featured the next scene will be violent or someone dies – true or false?


1              The Greatest

2              John Le Carre

3              David Copperfield

4              Wimpy Kid

5              Hollywood Wives, Hollywood Husbands

6              Martin Luther King

7              Tracy Barlow

8              Dealey Plaza

9              Lazarus

10           Dead (2015) Alive (98) Alive (97) Alive (93)

11           Dalmatians

12           Sneezed

13           Andy

14           Inside Out

15           Gru & Margo, Edith & Agnes


16           Goldie Hawn

17           Barney

18           Bonnie & Clyde

19           Petra

20           Jason Donovan

Connection – Blue Peter pets

21           Orinoco

22           Steffi Graf

23           White

24           Sicily

25           655

26           Ellingham

27           Hospital

28           Bernadette

29           Aberdeen

30           TRUE


Q    Tennis  – What was the first European country to win the Federation Cup?

A     Czechoslovakia (1975)

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q    Buenaventura in Peru is the wettest city in the world – how much rain in mm on average falls in a year?

A    6375.6 mm

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