Quiz 179

1              What would a native Australian do with a kylie?

2              The atmosphere of Venus is primarily which gas?

3a            Which Dutch city was a top 10 hit for Beautiful South in 1996?

3b           Which Spanish city was a top 10 hit for Freddy Mercury in 1987?

4              How many male celebrities have won Strictly Come Dancing – 4, 5 or 6?

5              Which English cartoon character lived in the fictional village of Nutwood?

6              Gunn & Moore are a famous UK makers of which piece of sporting equipment?

7              In the antique world, what is a davenport?

8              At an American college a sophomore is in which year of their college studies?

9              The symbols of which 3 chemical elements make up the name NICK?

10           In which comedy set in the North East did the Pearson family feature?

11           The famous luxury Blue Train in South Africa runs between which 2 South African cities?

12           Which profession would probably use a Wheatstone Bridge?

13a         Which famous Western film of the 50’s was set in a town called Hadleyville?

13b         Which famous Christmas film is set in a town called Bedford Falls?

14           On which thoroughfare did Sweeney Tod have his barber shop?

15           Which Carry On films featured the following Els Bels, the 3rd Foot & Mouth Regiment & Helping Hands?

16           Which scientist said “God does not play dice”?

17           When Gary Sobers hit 6 sixes in an over from Malcolm Nash in 1968 which 2 teams were playing?

18           The soundtrack of which musical was the best-selling album of the 60’s?

19a         Dendrology is the scientific study of what?

19b         Heliology is the scientific study of what?

19c         Petrology is the scientific study of what?

20           What was Frankie Howerd’s character name in Up Pompeii?

21           Which “Coles” are these – Aussie ballroom dancer; singer of pink Cadillac & Miss You Like Crazy; star of Minder?

22           Which 2 countries make up the Caribbean island of Hispaniola?

23           Which piece of music refers to a coastline location on the island of Staffa?

24           Which boxing promoter said he wanted to be called Kellie in 2014?

25           Which gas was first used as a weapon in the First World War in April 1915?

26           “if you change your mind, I’m the first in line” is the first line of which ABBA song?

27           The only song that he could play was Over the Hills and Far Away – which nursery rhyme character am I talking about?

28           Who plays The lady in the Van in the 2015 film?

29           Which famous bridge is crossed by the M180?

30           What would a polyandric woman have more than one of?




1              Throw it – it’s a boomerang

2              Carbon dioxide

3a            Rotterdam

3b           Barcelona

4              6

5              Rupert the Bear

6              Cricket bats

7              Writing desk

8              2nd year (10th grade)

9              Nickel, Carbon & Potassium

10           Hebburn

11           Capetown & Pretoria

12           Electrician

13a         High Noon

13b         It’s a Wonderful Life

14           Fleet Street

15           Abroad, Up the Khyber, Regardless

16           Einstein

17           Nottinghamshire & Glamorgan

18           The Sound of Music

19a         Trees

19b         Sun

19c         Rocks

20           Lurcio

21           Brendan; Natalie; George

22           Haiti & Dominican Republic

23           Fingal’s Cave

24           Frank Moloney

25           Chlorine

26           Take a Chance on Me

27           Tom. Tom the Piper’s Son

28           Maggie Smith

29           Humber Bridge

30           Husband



Q    Which famous person was the only subject of an edition of the TV quiz 100% in August 1998?

A    Princess Diana

Number Guess (nearest wins)

Q    The ball in question 17 was sold at Christie’s in 2006 for how much (in £)?

A     £24,600

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2 Responses to Quiz 179

  1. Rob Bull says:

    Jim, this site is absolutely immense, thank you for putting this together. I run a weekly quiz in my local and this is proving invaluable. Cheers, Rob Bull

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