Quiz 178

Quiz 178


1              Which British artist painted The Blue Boy?

2              Mr Blue Sky was a top 10 hit for which band in 1978?

3              Project Blue Book was an investigation by the US Air Force into what phenomena?

4              According to a song by Laurel & Hardy where are the Blue Ridge Mountains?

5              Which actress starred with Christopher Atkins in The Blue lagoon in 1980 & which tennis player did she marry in 1997?


6              What name was given to the Allied offensive in the 1991 Gulf War?

7              Which Californian city was called Yerba Buena before 1847?

8              Which old unit of measurement was based on the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger?

9              Which famous event took place at Griffin’s Wharf, Massachusetts in 1773?

10           What modern countries were formerly known as – Abyssinia, Bechuanaland, Mesopotamia?


11           What was the name of the power plant in the USA which had a major nuclear accident in 1979?

12           From which plant was the drug digitalis originally obtained?

13           Castor & Pollux are the 2 main stars in which constellation?

14           Now virtually eliminated, for which disease did Edward Jenner discover the vaccine?

15           Name as many chemical elements as you can beginning with the letter I?


16           What was Hyacinth Bucket’s husband called?

17           Which group of friends were Will Simon Neil & Jay known as in the TV comedy on E4?

18           Which famous British actor starred as author Mel Hutchwright in Corrie in 2005?

19           Joan Hickson, Julia McKenzie & Geraldine McEwan have all played which character on TV?

20           Who was the original host of Take Your Pick & who hosted the revival in the 90’s?

General Knowledge

21           The song Getting to Know You is from which musical?

22           What was the name of the Space Shuttle which blew up soon after take-off in 1986?

23           When ready to pick what colour is the fruit of the coffee tree?

24           Although he played many musical instruments, which one was entertainer Roy Castle most well- known for?

25           What is the name of the bulldog in the Tom & Jerry cartoons?

26           Which cocktail is mainly whisky & vermouth & named after an area of New York?

27           Which character in the Bible performed the Dance of the 7 Veils?

28           Which Scottish born singer performed the song U Got the Look with Prince in 1987?

29           What rank did James bond hold in the Royal Navy?

30           Garcia Lopez de Cardenas discovered the Mississippi river in 1540 – true or false?


1              Thomas Gainsborough

2              E L O

3              UFO’s

4              Virginia

5              Brooke Shields/Andre Agassi

6              Desert Storm

7              San Francisco

8              Cubit

9              Boston Tea Party

10           Ethiopia, Botswana, Iraq

11           Three Mile Island

12           Foxglove

13           Gemini

14           Smallpox

15           Iron Iridium Iodine Indium

16           Richard

17           Inbetweeners

18           Sir Ian McKellen

19           Miss Marple

20           Michael Miles & Des O’Connor

21           The King & I

22           Challenger

23           Red

24           Trumpet

25           Spike

26           Manhattan

27           Salome

28           Sheena Easton

29           Commander

30           False – he discovered the Grand Canyon


Q   Stuart F. Wilson has been which actor’s stunt double since 2007?

A   Bruce Willis

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q   On Don McLean’s album American Pie, how long in seconds is the title track?

A    513 seconds

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3 Responses to Quiz 178

  1. Jill says:

    I believe the answers to Q.20 are associated with Fifteen-To-One. Take Your Pick was first hosted by Michael Miles (1955-68) and latterly by Des O’Connor (1992-98)

    • Oops – you are quite right. I changed this question on the night I did it, on the fly so to speak & didn’t apparently edit the file. I’ll go back on & correct it immediately. Thanks but don’t find too many errors – it looks bad!?!

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