Quiz 176

Quiz 176

1              Remember, remember the 5th of November – what is the next line?

2              In which American State is Kansas City?

3a            Where was Thunderbird 5 located?

3b           What colour was Thunderbird 4?

4              Which sci-fi film starring Sam Neill took its name from the area surrounding a black hole in space?

5              What are the top 5 wine producing countries in the world (in terms of tonnes produced)?

6              What colour is the zero on a British roulette wheel?

7              Which car manufacturer makes the Sorento model?

8              Alnitak, Alnilam & Mintaka are the 3 stars forming the “belt” in which constellation?

9              BSA made motorcycles for many years in the UK – which city did the B stand for?

10           If you multiply volts by amps what unit of power do you get?

11           Scotland only has 2 National parks named after 2 ranges of mountains or hills – what are they?

13           What are the 5 colours on an archery target?

14           Which UK built aircraft was flown for the first time by Brian Trubshaw in 1969?

15           Can you name the 5 celebrities that the advert says we don’t want to win the National Lottery?

16           Who is the BBC’s Royal correspondent?

17           Which cut of roasting beef is between the rump & silverside?

18           Alexander Leonov was the first man to do what in space?

19a         Whose Piano Concerto was Eric Morecambe trying to play with Andre Previn conducting?

19b         Which actress played Cleopatra in Ernie’s version of Antony & Cleopatra?

19c         What was Eric & Ernie’s first feature film?

20           Which 2 vegetables are used to make the Irish dish colcannon?

21a         Angkor Wat is a temple complex & World Heritage Site in which Asian country?

21b         The Nazca Lines once thought to be of alien significance is a World Heritage Site in which South American country?

22           How many successive strikes are required to achieve 300 in 10 pin bowling?

23           Which actresses played Samantha in the TV series Bewitched & in the 2005 film?

24           What does a village have that a hamlet doesn’t?

25           Which radio station “208 your station of the stars” began in 1933 & closed in 1992?

26           Which famous British boxer had an identical twin brother called George?

27           Which London theatre during WW2 adopted the motto “We never closed”?

28           What modes of transport did these singers or bands have hits with:-

Gary Numan (1979) Katie Melua (2005) Monkees (1967) Joni Mitchell (1970)

29           At which airport is Die Hard 2 set?

30           What are the 5 countries in Europe beginning with the letter A?


1              Gunpowder, treason & plot

2              Missouri

3a            In orbit around Earth

3b           Yellow

4              Event Horizon

5              Italy France Spain USA China

6              Green

7              Kia

8              Orion

9              Birmingham

10           Watts

11           Cairngorms & Trossachs

13           White black blue red & gold

14           Concorde

15           Katie Price, Vinnie Jones, Noel Edmonds, Piers Morgan, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen

16           Nicholas Witchell

17           Topside

18           Space walk

19a         Grieg

19b         Glenda Jackson

19c         The Intelligence Men

20           Potatoes & cabbage

21a         Cambodia

21b         Peru

22           12

23           Elizabeth Montgomery & Nicole Kidman

24           Church

25           Radio Luxemburg

26           Henry Cooper

27           Windmill

28           Car Bicycle Train Taxi

29           Washington Dulles

30           Albania Andorra Armenia Austria Azerbaijan


Q             Which metallic element is named after the German word for goblin?

A              Cobalt

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q             How high in feet is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees?

A             11168 ft. (Mt. Areto)

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