Quiz 174

Quiz 174

Entertaining Trees

1              Who played the blond Deborah in the flat upstairs in Men Behaving Badly?

2              Which group had top ten hits with On A Carousel, Jennifer Eccles & Carrie Anne in the 60s?

3              Who played Captain Kirk in the Star Trek film of 2009 & the sequel Into Darkness in 2013?

4              Born in St Andrews in Scotland who is the regular female presenter of the World Snooker Championships?

5              Who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in The Madness of King George in 1995?

Solar System

6              On which planet is the highest volcano in the Solar System?

7              Approximately how long does light take to reach Earth from the Sun?

8              Where on the Moon did Apollo 11 land?

9              Which body in the Solar System was explored by the Giotto space probe?

10           With which planet do you associate the Cassini division?


11           Which sporting event held every 2 years was cancelled in 2001 following the twin towers terrorist attack?

12           Who was the only heavyweight boxer to finish his career unbeaten with 49 wins?

13           Which Asian venue holds the only Formula 1 race in 2015 at night under lights?

14           Which sport is played by the Minnesota Twins?

15           Name 3 left handers who have won the most grand slam singles titles in tennis (Australian, American, Spaniard)?


16           Which schoolmaster famously said goodbye to a fictional school called Brookfield?

17           Mrs Darrell Waters is famous for writing children’s books, by what name is she better known?

18           Which children’s character has “terrible tusks and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws’?

19           What was the third book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

20           Who wrote The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy; what establishment was at the end of the universe; which creatures escaped from Earth before it was destroyed?

General Knowledge

21           Somaliland & Eritrea were both former colonies of which European country?

22           What is the most common alternative name of the gnu?

23           In which decade were the Oscars first held?

24           Which common garden climbing plant in the UK is most likely to have come from Guernsey where 4.5 million are grown each year?

25           How many players are there in a baseball team?

26           What do the internal angles of a pentagon add up to – 540, 660 or 720 degrees?

27           Barnacle Bill is the theme tune to which children’s TV show?

28           Edward Teach is best known as which pirate?

29           Which member of ABBA is not Swedish?

30           Tim Martin who founded J D Weatherspoons named it after a former schoolteacher?


1              Leslie Ash

2              The Hollies

3              Chris Pine

4              Hazel Irvine

5              Nigel Hawthorne

6              Mars (Olympus Mons)

7              8 Minutes

8              Sea of Tranquillity

9              Halley’s Comet

10           Saturn

11           Ryder Cup

12           Rocky Marciano

13           Singapore

14           Baseball

15           Rod Laver Jimmy Connors Rafa Nadal

16           Mr Chips

17           Enid Blyton

18           Gruffalo

19           The Return of the King

20           Douglas Adams; Restaurant; Dolphins

21           Italy

22           Wildebeest

23           1920’s

24           Clematis

25           Nine

26           540

27           Blue Peter

28           Blackbeard

29           Anni-Frid (Frida) is Norwegian

30           TRUE


Q            The first fruit flavoured yoghurt went on sale in 1963 – what flavour was it?

A             Bilberry

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q            In which year did the first Miss America Pageant take place?

A            1921

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