Quiz 168

Quiz 168

In The Sky

1              What is SETI looking for in the skies above us?

2              What name is given to a very bright exploding star?

3              How high into the sky did Orville Wright get in his first flight – 10 ft., 25 ft. or 100 ft.?

4              On which day (he did the whole lot in 6) did God create the Sun, Moon and Stars according to Genesis?

5              “Sky” words – USA’s first space station, Laker Airways transatlantic service, computer intelligence in Terminator?

Children’s TV

6              The first names of the USA’s first astronauts were used for the names of which children’s TV characters?

7              In which show would you find locomotives called Wilson Brewster & Koko?

8              The Sarah Jane Adventures starring Elizabeth Sladen was a children’s TV spin off from which legendary BBC series?

9              Who co-hosted SMTV Live on Saturday mornings with Ant & Dec?

10           What are the names of the 2 BBC children’s channels?


11           Brian & Michael had a hit with a song about LS Lowry – what was it called?

12           What kind of bird was Tweety Pie?

13           What creature is used on an Ordnance Survey map to indicate a zoo?

14           Which Bond villain was portrayed with a cat on his lap in the films?

15           In the traditional song Old MacDonald’s Farm – can you name the 6 creatures?

Sports & Pastimes

16           Which sport took place at the Circus Maximus in ancient Rome?

17           In which sport is the goal 6 ft. by 4 ft.?

18           Which dangerous pastime first took place in 1979 at Clifton Suspension Bridge?

19           Skiing takes place on a piste – which other sport also uses a piste?

20           What are the 5 pieces of equipment used in rhythmic gymnastics?

General Knowledge

21           If Prince William becomes king he will be William V, but what number William should he be in Scotland?

22           If you suffered from chlorosis what colour would your skin be?

23           What is the first word sung in Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody?

24           In which country are Hyundai cars manufactured?

25           In Indian food what shape are samosas?

26           What item would traditionally hang from an Albert chain?

27           In film making what profession is the gaffer?

28           If you write the numbers 0 to 9 in alphabetical order which one is 4th in the list?

29           Who did Mork call at the end of every Mork & Mindy show?

30           The dog the chow chow was originally bred for food in China, hence chow meaning food – true or false?



1              Intelligent life

2              Supernova

3              10 feet

4              Fourth day

5              Skylab, Skytrain, Skynet

6              Tracy brothers in Thunderbirds

7              Chuggington

8              Doctor Who

9              Cat Deeley

10           CBBC &  CBeebies

11           Matchstalk Men & Matchstalk Cats & Dogs

12           Canary

13           Elephant

14           Blofeld

15           Cow pig duck horse sheep chickens

16           Chariot racing

17           Ice hockey

18           Bungee jumping

19           Fencing

20           Clubs Rope Hoop Ribbon Ball

21           William IV

22           Green

23           Is

24           South Korea

25           Triangular

26           Watch

27           Electrician

28           Nine (8549176320)

29           Orson

30           FALSE

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5 Responses to Quiz 168

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just clicked on your site and was delighted that you have returned with your fabulous questions. Thanks. Scarlett

  2. ian newman says:

    glad to see you back, hope your all refreshed and ready to quiz

  3. dave says:

    briliant quizzes!! loving them

  4. declil says:

    just found your site absolute “BRILLIANT”

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