Quiz 166

Quiz 166

Famous Britons

1              Who was Queen Elizabeth the First’s mother?

2              What was the name of John Lennon’s backing band he formed with his wife in 1969?

3              Where in London would you find Nelson’s tomb?

4              What was the title of Charles Darwin’s book about natural selection & evolution?

5              A memorial in Harrods shows a couple dancing on a beach below the wings of an albatross – which couple?

Modern Life

6              On average how often are we caught on CCTV cameras every day – 5, 30, 70 or 300 times?

7              The website http://www.diy.com is used by which chain of shops?

8              Who was the female editor of the News of the World accused of authorising phone hacking?

9              Which 1995 Sandra Bullock film was about computer fraud & stolen identities?

10           In computer terminology what does RAM stand for?

August People

11           Born on August 23rd 1931 Barbara Eden starred in which TV series with Larry Hagman as a magical companion?

12           Born on August 4th 1930, who was Commander of Apollo 11 in 1969?

13           Born on August 24th 1929, who was leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation for more than 30 years?

14           Born on August 17th 1977 which French footballer currently does the advert for Sky Sports?

15           Born on 31st August 12AD which mad Roman Emperor made his horse a Senator & a priest?


16           Who played Sybil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers?

17           Which band’s name is taken from 2 characters in the cartoon stories of Tintin?

18           The song Circle of Life written by Elton John features in which Disney film & musical?

19           What kind of “King” was Dwayne Johnson in a film sequel to the Mummy?

20           Who wrote 3 books called Hell, Purgatory & Heaven whilst he served a prison sentence for perjury?


General Knowledge

21           Which country finished third in the 2014 Football World Cup?

22           What does a cartographer make & study?

23           The Exxon Valdez oil tanker ran aground and spilled oil in which American State in 1989?

24           The world’s largest species of beetle is named after which Biblical character?

25           Dougie Poynter of McFly won the 2011 series of which TV show?

26           What is the name of the RSPB’s nature reserve on Seal Sands?

27           Who is the current World Snooker Champion?

28           From 1981 to 1996 Sir Christopher Wren appeared on the reverse of which British bank note?

29           Havarti, Samso & Fynbo are cheeses from which Scandinavian country?

30           The Canadian one dollar coin is known in Canada as a Goolie – true or false?


1              Anne Boleyn

2              The Plastic Ono Band

3              St Paul’s Cathedral

4              On the Origin of Species

5              Princess Diana & Dodi Fayed

6              70

7              B & Q

8              Rebekah Brooks

9              The Net

10           Random Access Memory

11           I Dream of Jeannie

12           Neil Armstrong

13           Yasser Arafat

14           Thierry Henry

15           Caligula

16           Prunella Scales

17           Thompson Twins

18           The Lion King

19           Scorpion

20           Jeffrey Archer

Connection – Signs of the Zodiac

21           Netherlands

22           Maps

23           Alaska

24           Goliath

25           I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here

26           Saltholme

27           Stuart Bingham

28           £50

29           Denmark

30           False – Loonie


Q     Which country is the world’s largest producer of hazelnuts?

A      Turkey

Number Guess     How many verses are there in the New testament?      7957


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