Quiz 163

Quiz 163

1              Which planet is named after the Roman God of agriculture?

2              How many muscles do we have in the fingers?

3a            The Admiral Benbow is the pub in which classic book?

3b           The Bull is the pub in which radio series?

3c            The Rose Street Crawl is a famous pub crawl in which British city?

4              Which seafood is Whitstable in Kent famous for?

5              Ikebana is the Japanese art of what?

6              In which countries are these World Heritage Sites – Machu Picchu, Temples of Angkor Wat, Petra?

7              Where in written English would you find a tittle?

8              Who is the current temporary leader of the Labour Party?

9a            What is the name of the chippie in Coronation Street based on a James Bond book?

9b           What is the name of the kebab shop in Coronation Street with an operatic connection?

10           Which American restaurant chain was started in 1958 by Don & Frank Carney?

11           In betting how many bets make up a Yankee?

12           Where was the land speed record of 11.2 mph set in 1972?

13           Which colour pepper has the most vitamin C – red yellow or green?

14           In which year did UK unemployment reach 1 million?

15           What are the 6 colours used for the questions in Trivial Pursuit?

16a         When Oliver Twist asked for “more” – what did he want more of?

16b         Name any 3 of the first 6 things the boys dream of in the song Food Glorious Food?

17           My Struggle is the English translation of which famous book?

18           Where was Archimedes when he allegedly shouted “Eureka”?

19           What word can mean a joint of pork, a German wine or to pawn?

20           What relation is the present Queen to Queen Victoria?

21           The song “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” is from which musical?

22           Who was the last Prime Minister born in England before Cameron?

23           Which Dutch footballer refused to travel by air?

24           How long was a cubit – 18, 24 or 30 inches?

25           What were the final Bond films of Sean Connery & Pierce Brosnan?

26           What was the decisive weapon at the battle of Agincourt?

27           Which Premier League teams play at KC Stadium, Dean Court, Liberty Stadium?

28           Which TV comedy series featured the Brockmans, the Harpers & the Porters?

29           Who allegedly said “Come here Watson I want you” on 10th March 1876?

30           It’s A Wonderful Life won only 1 Oscar for technical achievement for the simulation of what?


1              Saturn

2              None

3a            Treasure Island

3b           Archers

3c            Edinburgh

4              Oysters

5              Flower arranging

6              Peru, Cambodia, Jordan

7              Above the letter “i” or “j”.

8              Harriet Harman

9a            For Your Fries Only

9b           Prima Donner

10           Pizza Hut

11           11 (6 doubles, 4 trebles & accumulator)

12           On the moon

13           Yellow

14           January 19th 1972

15           Blue pink yellow brown green orange

16a         Gruel

16b         Hot sausage, mustard, cold jelly, custard, pease pudding, saveloys

17           Mein Kampf

18           Bath

19           Hock

20           Great Great Granddaughter

21           High Society

22           John Major

23           Dennis Bergkamp

24           18 inches

25           Diamonds Are Forever, Die Another Day

26           Longbow

27           Hull City, AFC Bournemouth, Swansea City

28           Outnumbered, My Family, 2 Point 4 Children

29           Alexander Graham Bell

30           Snow


Q             The soundtrack of which film musical received the first ever gold disc in the USA?

A             Oklahoma!

Number Guess

Q             How many murders were there in the UK in the 2013/14 financial year?

A              619

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