Quiz 159

Quiz 159

1                              What is the name of the space probe that has sent back the first ever pictures of Pluto this week?

2                              Which monarch signed Magna Carta & in which language is it written?

3                              In which range of mountains is Ben Nevis?

4                              Which groups thought Mondays were blue, were manic and just didn’t like them?

5                              What does a circle with a cross through it mean on a clothing instruction label?

6                              Who was the host of the original Fifteen to One quiz show & who is the host now?

7                              What are the next 4 orders of the peerage after a Baron?

8                              How many herbs & spices does KFC say is used in their fried chicken coating?

9                              What nationality was George Lazenby, who played James Bomd once & which company’s chocolates             did he advertise?

10           What was the name given to the development of the atomic bomb during WW2 & who was the lead             designer?

11           Which birds are these :- The first female Radio 1 DJ; Host of Saturday Kitchen; Writer of Gulliver’s                 Travels?

12a         US Presidents Monroe, Madison & Buchanan all had the same first name – what was it?

12b         Who was the last US President with that first name?

13           In the sitcom Cheers, what was Sam Malone’s previous occupation?

14           In which country did the chacha originate?

15           What are the 6 UK film classifications designating who can see a particular film in cinemas?

16           In space no one can here you scream is from which film & is it true?

17           Which teams won the following European Football Leagues in 2015 – Germany, Italy, Spain?

18           In the Beatles song Get Back who thought “he was a loner”?

19           Which European dictator died in 1975 after 39 years in power?

20           Which TV personality was honorary Mayor of Wetwang from 1998 until his death in 2005?

21           What gift from China arrived in the Up on 13 September 1975?

22           Who was Prime Minister of the UK when Rhodesia declared independence & who was their PM?

23           Our unlucky number is 13, what is Japan’s?

24           Which TV dog was played by a Jack Russell called Moose & then by his son Enzo?

25           In which year were MP’s given a salary – 1891, 1901 or 1911?

How much was it – £127, £270 or £400 per annum?

26           What was the biggest selling toy of 1996 inspired by an animated film?

27           Who were the first sponsors of one day cricket in England in 1963?

28           Who was the first winner on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?

29           Who was the subject of a controversial biography by Andrew Morton in June 1992?

30           Apparently Nestle bought Rowntrees to get which 5 brands (2 chocolate bars, 2 packets of sweets & 1          boxed brand)?



1            New Horizons

2            John; Latin

3             Ben Nevis

4            New Order, Bangles, Boomtown Rats

5              Do not dry clean

6             William G Stewart & Sandi Toksvig

7              Viscount Earl Marquess Duke

8             Eleven

9             Australian; Fry’s

10           Manhattan Project, Robert Oppenheimer

11           Anne Nightingale; James Martin; Jonathan Swift

12a         James

12b         Carter

13           Pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

14           Cuba

15           U PG 12A 15 18 R18

16           Alien; Yes

17           Bayern Munich, Juventus, Barcelona

18           Jojo

19           General Franco of Spain

20           Richard Whiteley

21           2 giant pandas (chichi & anan)

22           Harold Wilson/Ian Smith

23           4

24           Eddie in Frasier

25           1911; £400

26           Buzz Lightyear

27           Gillette

28           Tony Blackburn

29           Princess Diana

30           KitKat,Aero,Polo,Fruit Pastlles,Quality Street


Q   What boy’s name starting with A was the first ever Internet Search Engine?

A    Archie

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q   What is the diameter of Pluto in miles?

A    1473 miles

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