Quiz 158

Quiz 158

1 Which piece of sporting equipment is 3″ in diameter & 1″ thick?
2 Who was the last American to win the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title?
3 At which event did Zola Budd “trip” Mary Decker at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics?
4 How many teams reach the 3rd round of the FA Cup through winning their 2nd round tie?
5 Which 4 counties have won the cricket County Championship the most times?
6 Omar Sharif passed away this week; which card game was he particularly good at?
7 In cinema the BBFC stands for the British Board of Film …. what?
8 Who was the chief navigator on the USS Enterprise in the original Star trek?
9 Which gay English writer & personality did John Hurt play on TV in 1975 & again in 2009?
10 What are the first names of Henry Fonda’s acting children?
11 What was the name of Michael Jackson’s pet monkey?
12 Who had a pet cat called Vienna?
13 Which Blue Peter pet changed sex after they realised it was female rather than male?
14 Where has Crufts Dog Show been held since 1991?
15 What does PDSA stand for?
16 By which name is the element quicksilver better known?
17 What substance was first demonstrated in a quarry by Alfred Nobel in 1867?
18 How thick is the ozone layer – 3mm, 3cm or 3m?
19 In which sea did the first moon landing take place?
20 What are the 3 lightest elements?
General Knowledge
21 Bill Clinton was Governor of which state from 1983 to 1992?
22 What was the name of the fat German kid in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?
23 What colour are the stars on the New Zealand flag?
24 Who was the first monarch of both England & Scotland?
25 In which decade was the ring pull can invented?
26 One Way or Another was the Comic Relief single in 2013 recorded by which group?
27 Which TV role & film role are shared by David Janssen & Harrison Ford?
28 Where was the West German government based before reunification wth East Germany?
29 Which poet lived in Dove Cottage?
30 The word “twelve” is worth 12 points in Scrabble – true or false?



1 Ice hockey puck
2 Pete Sampras
3 3000 Metres
4 20
5 Yorkshire Middlesex Surrey Lancashire
6 Bridge
7 Classification
8 Mr Sulu
9 Quentin Crisp
10 Jane & Peter
11 Bubbles
12 Rigsby in Rising Damp
13 Tortoise (Fred to Freda)
14 NEC Birmingham
15 People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals
16 Mercury
17 Dynamite
18 3 mm
19 Tranquility
20 H He Li
21 Arkansas
22 Augustus
23 Red or red & white
24 James I
25 Sixties (1962)
26 One Direction
27 The Fugitive
28 Bonn
29 Wordsworth


Q   A restaurant in Dartmouth was voted best UK restaurant in 2012, which sea creature was it named after?

A    Seahorse

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q    How many teams entered the FA Cup in 2014?

A     736



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