Quiz 157

Quiz 157

1 Which cartoon character was the first to feature on a postage stamp in the USA?
2 The film Black Hawk Down dramatised a raid by USA forces into which African country?
3 In the UK purple Skittles are blackcurrant; what flavour are they in the USA?
4 The Bering Strait separates the USA from which country?
5 Can you speak American? What do Americans call a skip, a baby’s dummy, waistcoat?
Money Connection
6 David Van Dey & Thereza Bazar were the members of which pop duo?
7 What was the name of the family that employed Mary Poppins?
8 Which part did Philip Lowrie play in Coronations Street?
9 In the TV comedy Just Good Friends what was the first name of Jan Francis character?
10 Which animal regarded as a pet is an important food in South America?
11 In which city did England Ladies beat Canada Ladies in the World Cup quarter finals?
12 What might be 8 in New York , 12 in London & 40 in Paris?
13 Which Scandinavian city was the first to host a summer Olympic Games?
14 In which city is the European Court of Human Rights?
15 What are the 4 most populated cities in Italy?
16 Which comedian of the silent era was ruined by a sex scandal in 1921?
17 In Coronation Street, what was Hayley’s first name before the sex change operation?
18 Which poet, when asked if he had any regrets in his life said ” Yes, I haven’t had enough sex”?
19 Who had a hit in the 80’s with the song “Sexy Eyes”?
20 Which of these is a transsexual magician – Anna Cadabra, Madge Trix, or Fay Presto
General Knowledge
21 Which Scottish football club won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1983?
22 In which month is Bastille day celebrated in France?
23 What colour is the star on the flag of Morocco?
24 In which romantic film does Jennifer Cavalleri fall for Oliver Barret IV?
25 “That ball was on the line. Chalk flew up.” Which 4 words came before that?
26 The abbreviation Mrs is short for what?
27 Welcome To The Pleasuredome was the debut album of which band?
28 What nationality was the champion cyclist Eddy Merckx?
29 Who won best joke at the Edinburgh Festival last year for the 2nd time?
30 Burt Reynolds turned down the role of Han Solo in Star Wars – true or false?


1 Bugs Bunny
2 Somalia
3 Grape
4 Russia
5 Dumpster, pacifier, vest**
6 Dollar
7 Banks
8 Dennis Tanner
9 Penny
10 Guinea pig
11 Vancouver
12 Womens clothing sizes
13 Stockholm
14 Strasburg
15 Milan Naples Rome Turin
16 Fatty Arbuckle
17 Harold
18 John Betjeman
19 Dr Hook
20 Fay Presto
21 Aberdeen
22 July
23 Green
24 Love Story
25 You Cannot Be Serious
26 Mistress
27 Frankie Goes To Hollywood
28 Belgian
29 Tim Vine
“I’ve decided to sell my Hoover … well, it was just collecting dust.”


Q        The President of which South American country offered aid to the USA after Hurricane Katrina?

A         Venezuela

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q         How many runs did the Phil “The Cat” Tufnell score in Test cricket?

A         153

** OK but what do Americans call a vest? According to Wiki it could be an A-Shirt – is that what Bruce Willis wore in Die Hard? Why have I never heard it mentioned before?

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2 Responses to Quiz 157

  1. joey says:

    they also call an “a-shirt” a wife beater, seeing that the stereotypical wife beater is seen wearing one as they are sitting on their porch drinking beer while they talk to the cops

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