Quiz 156

Quiz 156

1 Alasdair Milne, Greg Dyke & George Entwistle all resigned which post in broadcasting?
2 What were the names of the first space stations put into orbit by the USA & Russia?
3 In which stadium were the 1908 London Olympic Games held?
4 Which 2 bones make up the lower arm between the elbow & the wrist?
5 Which TV sitcom was set in Craggy Island?
6 Who was captain of the Great Britain football team at the 2012 Olympics?
7a What is the first word of Wonderwall by Oasis?
7b What is the first word of Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin?
7c What is the first word of the Beatles Fool On The Hill?
8 Which US president did John Hinkley attempt to assassinate?
9 Which classical violinist represented Thailand at skiing?
10 Mr Micawber is a character in which Dickens novel?
11 If your hobby or job is viticulture, which fruit do you grow?
12a What are the 2 rival gangs in West Side Story?
12b From which country did the Sharks come from?
12c Who did Maria fall in love with?
13 In what part of the body is the thyroid gland?
14 The Cylons were the enemies in which scifi series of the 80’s?
15 Which 4 motor racing circuits have hosted a Formula One British Grand Prix?
16 Which Prime Minister announced his resignation in March 1976?
17 Shakespeare’s Henry V mostly takes place after which battle?
18 Who was voted Mayor of Carmel in April 1986?
19 In which 80s sitcom did the character Tomothy Lumsden feature?
20 Rum Eigg & Muck are small island in which group in Britain?
21a Who wrote the 1974 best seller Dog Training My Way?
21b Who was the human companion of Spit the Dog?
21c Which Dolly Parton song did Connolly use to describe taking his dog to the vet?
22 How should pieces of music be played if the words allegro, forte & adagio appear on a piece of music?
23 Which country is due east from Newcastle?
24 What was Thor Hyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki made from?
25 Which 2 metals were the most commonly mined in Cornwall & Devon?
26 Which singer has won X Factor, Pop Star to Opera Star & The Jump on TV?
27 Flanimals is a series of children’s books written by which actor & comedian?
28 Which pop group were commemorated by a set of stamps in the Isle of Man in 1999?
29 What are the top 3 visitor attractions in Paris?
30 Who are the 5 teams who have won 5 or more European Cups/Champions League?


1 Director General of the BBC
2 Skylab & Mir
3 White City
4 Ulna & radius
5 Father Ted
6 Ryan Giggs
7a Today (is gonna be the day…)
7b Come (gather round people …)
7c Day (after day, alone on a hill…)
8 Ronald Reagan
9 Vanessa Mae
10 David Copperfield
11 Grapes
12a Sharks & Jets
12b Costa Rica
12c Tony
13 Neck
14 Battlestar Galactica
15 Brooklands, Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Aintree
16 Harold Wilson
17 Agincourt
18 Clint Eastwood
19 Sorry!
20 Hebrides
21a Barbara Woodhouse
21b Bob Carolgees
22 Quickly, Loudly, Slowly (Cheerfully, Strong, At ease)
23 Denmark
24 Balsa wood
25 Tin & copper
26 Joe McElderry
27 Ricky Gervais
28 BeeGees
29 Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Pompidou Centre
30 Real Madrid, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Liverpool


Q At which sport is the Swaythling Cup awarded?
A Table Tennis

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q How many employees does the BBC have (accounts 2013/14)?
A 20736

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