Quiz 154

Quiz 154

Entertainment Link
1 What was the name of the family who ran the High Chaparral ranch in the TV series?
2 The song Yellow Submarine features on the Beatles 7th album – what was it called?
3 In which film did Steve McQueen have a famous car chase through San Francisco in Ford Mustangs?
4 Colin Ball is the actual name of which Only Fools & Horses character?
5 Bob Monkhouse, Norman Vaughan & Charlie Williams all hosted which TV game show?
The 80s
6 Which Embassy was stormed by the SAS in April 1980?
7 In August 1980 UK unemployment reached which figure – 1m 2m or 3m?
8 Which Australian won his only Wimbledon title in 1987 beating Lendl in the final?
9 Which North Sea oil rig exploded in July 1988?
10 Which 2 neighbouring countries joined the EU in 1986?
Food & Drink
11 On which day would you traditionally eat simnel cake every year?
12 What is the Italian equivalent of the omelette?
13 Which drink should be served in a schooner?
14 Which fruit is actually a berry growing on a herb?
15 What are the 4 traditional ingredients in a Cornish pasty (not counting the pastry)?
16 Peter Cetera was the lead singer of which US band named after a city?
17 Who did Paul McCartney duet with on Say Say Say in 1983?
18 Which group share their name with a 1962 hit by actor Bernard Cribbins?
19 Which part did Antonio Banderas play in the film version of Evita?
20 Who had these weekday hits – Sunday Girl 1979, Manic Monday 1986, Saturday Night 1994?
General Knowledge
21 In which month of the year did Charles marry Diana?
22 What was tennis star Ann Haydon’s married name?
23 Whose yacht was called Morning Cloud?
24 Who performed the theme to For Your Eyes Only?
25 What is the modern name for the area once known as Asia Minor?
26 At which ground is the last cricket match in an English Test series played?
27 What day of the week did Soloman Grundy take ill?
28 Where were the Elgin Marbles originally from?
29 How many valves does a bugle have?
30 All Formula 1 races are raced in a clockwise diection – true or false?


1 Cannon
2 Revolver
3 Bullitt
4 Trigger
5 The Golden Shot
6 Iranian
7 2 Million
8 Pat Cash
9 Piper Alpha
10 Spain & Portugal
11 Easter Sunday
12 Fritatta
13 Sherry
14 Banana
15 Beef Swede Potato Onion
16 Chicago
17 Michael Jackson
18 Right Said Fred
19 Che Guevara
20 Blondie, Bangles, Whigfield
21 July
22 Jones
23 Edward Heath
24 Sheena Easton
25 Turkey
26 The Oval
27 Thursday
28 Greece
29 None


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