Quiz 152

Quiz 152

On The Road
1 Which BBC comedy classic series was set in The Avenue, Surbiton?
2 Who had a top ten hit in the UK in 1985 with Road To Nowhere?
3 42nd Street in New York is famous for its theatres – in which borough of New York is it?
4 Quality Street chocolate assortment is named after a play by which author?
5 Who were the 2 male stars of the Road films of the 40’s, 50s & 60s?
Art & Culture
6 In the Mona Lisa painting, what is on top of her left hand?
7 What kind of plant was Claude Monet most famous for painting?
8 The play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw was the basis for which classic musical?
9 Who created the children’s character Budgie the Helicopter?
10 The 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky was written to commemorate a battle between which 2 countries?
11 By what name is a polygraph better known?
12 Which gas has the formula NH3?
13 What are the rings of Saturn mostly made of?
14 What does a doctor use a sphygmomanometer to check?
15 Which 2 metals make up bronze?
16 In which city was the TV series Dynasty set?
17 The Apprentice in the UK is hosted by Alan Sugar, who does it in the USA?
18 St Barnabus is the church featured in which comedy series?
19 Which TV series was about the early years of Superman?
20 What were the first names of the Harts in Hart to Hart?
General Knowledge
21 In which city is the University of East Anglia?
22 What emblem is used on the House of Commons stationary?
23 In which country were Terry waits & John McCarthy held in the 90s?
24 Who was the first composer to appear on a British bank note?
25 Ace of Base & Roxette are bands from which European country?
26 What is the name of Newcastle’s pro basketball team?
27 What is the 2nd book of the Old Testament?
28 If a hotel or attraction is rated poor on Trip Advisor how many stars does it get?
29 Which Monty Python actor is the narrator on the new Clangers TV show?
30 The actor Peter Finch was turned down for the lead in Hitchcock’s The Birds – True or False?


1 The Good Life
2 Talking Heads
3 Manhattan
4 J M Barrie
5 Bing Crosby & Bob Hope
6 Her right hand
7 Water Lilies
8 My Fair Lady
9 Sarah Ferguson
10 Russia & France
11 Lie detector
12 Ammonia
13 Ice
14 Blood pressure
15 Copper & Tin
16 Denver
17 Donald Trump
18 Vicar of Dibley
19 Smallville
20 Jonathan & Jennifer
21 Norwich
22 Portcullis
23 Lebanon
24 Edward Elgar
25 Sweden
26 Eagles
27 Exodus
28 Two
29 Michael Palin
30 False!


Q      Which European country’s telephone directory is listed alphabetically by first name?

A       Iceland

Number Guess  (Nearest wins)

Q       Rome has 7575 streets named after men – how many are named after women?

A        580

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