Quiz 148

Quiz 148

Natural World
1 If canine is dogs & feline is cats what is simian?
2 A flittermouse is an old term for which type of creature?
3 What do birds have 2 of, bees have 5 of & spiders have 8 of?
4 What type of creature is a cichlid?
5 A tayberry is a dark red fruit produced by crossing which 2 other fruits?
Pop Music
6 Which female singer/songwriter had a hit in 2003 with Closest Thing To Crazy?
7 Who did B*Witched blame it on in their number one in 1999?
8 Which film star is mentioned in the Shania Twain song That Don’t Impress Me Much?
9 What kind of soup did 10cc think life is?
10 Whose music are these current musicals based on – Sunny Afternoon & Jersey Boys?
Awards & Prizes
11 The Palm D’Or is the top prize at which film event?
12 How many Nobel prizes are awarded each year?
13 What material were the Oscars made from during WW2?
14 Charles Ingram cheated his way to the top prize on which TV quiz show?
15 On which shows did you win the following concolation prizes – Carriage clock, Watch & electronic game, Bus fare home?
16 The ship Pacific Princess was the transport used in which long running American TV series?
17 Which American city is known as the city of brotherly love?
18 First there was The Love Bug, then Herbie Rides Again – where did he go in the 3rd film?
19 Who wrote the 1920 controversial novel Women In Love?
20 Who are the Greek & Roman gods of love?
General Knowledge
21 What colour is the top horizontal band on the flag od Germany?
22 Everton beat Rapid Vienna 3-1 in the final of which which European trophy?
23 How many years is your crystal wedding anniversary?
24 What does a numismatist collect?
25 Which piece of gardening equipment is also the name for a Stone Age tomb ?
26 What nationality was Chopin?
27 Which county was Brian Lara playing for when he scored 501 not out against Durham?
28 On which TV show would you have seen the newspaper called the Daily Slate?
29 What did the Romans call Scotland?
30 A walkie-talkie is called a talkie-walkie in French – true or false?


1 Apes
2 Bat
3 Eyes
4 Fish
5 Blackberry & Raspberry
6 Katie Melua
7 The Weatherman
8 Brad Pitt
9 Minestrone
10 Kinks & Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons
11 Cannes Film Festival
12 Six
13 Plaster
14 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
15 Mr & Mrs, Wheel of Fortune, Bullseye
16 Love Boat
17 Philadelphia
18 Monte Carlo
19 D H Lawrence
20 Eros & Cupid
21 Black
22 European Cup Winners Cup
23 15
24 Coins & medals (accept either)
25 Barrow
26 Polish
27 Warwickshire
28 Flintstones
29 Caledonia


Q     When Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1978, Jordanian TV refused to broadcast this fact & instead announced the country that finished 2nd actually won – which country?

A      Belgium

Number Guess (Nearest wins)

Q     In which year is the classic sci-fi film Logan’s Run set?

A      2274

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