Quiz 145

Quiz 145

Showbiz Highs & Lows
1 Rydell High School featured in which musical?
2 Andy Fairweather Low was the lead singer of which religious sounding 60s band?
3 What part did Arthur Lowe play in Coronation Street?
4 The TV series HiDiHi is based at which fictional holiday camp?
5 Who were the 3 headline stars of the 1956 film High Society?
The Letter T
6 In which US town would you find the OK Corral?
7 Which herb is used when making a Bearnaise Sauce?
8 What is advertised with the line Tap It & Unwrap It?
9 What does an arctophile collect?
10 What 3 African countries start with the letter T?
Prime Ministers
11 Who played Jim Hacker in Yes Prime Minister?
12 Who was British Prime Minister at the time of the Suez crisis in the 50s?
13 Mrs Bandaranaike was the first woman Prime Minister of which country?
14 Who was PM when England won the football World Cup?
15 Who played the PM & who played his love interest in the film Love Actually?
In The Air
16 National Airline Sabena went bust in 2007 ā€“ in which European country were they based?
17 What was the name of the Air Force base where the Space Shutle usually landed?
18 Which aircraft safety device was invented by a British engineer James Martin?
19 George is the nickname given by pilots to what device on an aircraft?
20 Which gas did Henry Cavendish call inflammable air when he discovered it?
General Knowledge
21 Which unit of length is 1000 times smaller than a metre?
22 Which disc jockey was known as Fluff?
23 Who was the last Australian to win the Men’s Singles at Wimbledon?
24 Which city would you visit to see the Venus De Milo?
25 Who wrote the poem The Charge of the Light Brigade?
26 Which musical instrument did Glenn Miller play?
27 Named after a famous explorer, which strait separates the North & South islands of New Zealand?
28 The port of Le Havre lies at the mouth of which French river?
29 From which musical does the song Big Spender come?
30 Santa’s postcode in Canada is HOH OHO ā€“ true or false?


1 Grease
2 Amen Corner
3 Mr Swindley
4 Maplins
5 Bing Crosby Frank Sinatra Grace Kelly
6 Tombstone
7 Tarragon
8 Terry’s Chocolate Orange
9 Teddy Bears
10 Tanzania Togo Tunisia
11 Paul Eddington
12 Anthony Eden
13 Sri Lanka
14 Harold Wilson
15 Hugh Grant & Martine McCutcheon
16 Belgium
17 Edwards
18 Ejector Seat
19 Auto Pilot
20 Hydrogen
21 Millimetre
22 Alan Freeman
23 Lleyton Hewitt
24 Paris
25 Tennyson
26 Trombone
27 Cook Strait
28 Seine
29 Sweet Charity


Q Sperrylite is the main ore of which metal?

A Platinum

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q The most needles inserted into their own face was by Wei Shengchu (China) in 2013 ā€“ how many?

A 2188

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