Quiz 144

Quiz 144

1a In which year of the 80s were the SDP formed (1 year either way)?
1b Can you name 2 of the founders?
2 In the National Lottery Lotto draw – which colour has the least number of balls?
3 Which fruit is Babycham made with?
4 In which European capital city did Tom Cruise marry Katie Holmes?
5 How many times can a volleyball be hit by one team before it must cross the net?
6 Which 60s band consisted of Davy, Mike, Peter & Mickey?
7 Which American political party is represented by an Elephant?
8a Which of the D Day beaches is a city in Nebraska?
8b Which of the D Day beaches sounds like the capital of Alaska?
9a In which American city in Wisconsin was Happy Days set?
9b Happy Days centred around which family?
10 Who won Olympic Gold in 3 Olympics up to 2012 in the Finn class of sailing?
11 In 1992 the Midland Bank was acquired by which banking corporation?
12 Which role do Bill Pullman 1996, Harrison Ford 1997 & Morgan Freeman 1998 have in common?
13 What are the 3 throwing events in an Olympic Decathlon?
14 What is the name of the stage musical based on a Monty Python film & written by Eric Idle?
15a Name the 3 male presenters of Swapshop on Saturday mornings when the series began in 1976
15b Name the main 2 presenters of Live & Kicking on Saturday mornings when it started in 1993
16 At which company’s shipyard was Titanic built?
17a Which sport is divided into chukkas?
17b How long is each one – 7, 10 or 15 minutes?
18 In which North African country is Africa’s most northerly point?
19a Which 60s female singer performed What Have I Done To Deserve This with the Pet Shop Boys in 1987?
19b Which 60s female singer performed Relight My Fire with Take That in 1993?
20 Which European country’s flag is 3 horizontal stripes of white, green & red from top to bottom?
21 Which brand of rum is named after a pirate who became governor of Jamaica?
22 Which fictional detective made their first appearance in The Mysterious Affair at Styles and last in Curtain?
23a For every 100 people in Easington Constituency – how many were born outside the UK – 2, 6 or 12?
23b For every 100 people in Easington Constituency – how many claim Job Seekers Allowance? – 3, 9 or 14?
24 Who became the first American to be World Chess Champion in 1972?
25 What is the name of Glasgow’s largest selling broadsheet newspaper?
26 Which Royal was played by Naomi Watts in a 2013 film?
27 What kind of creature was George in the TV series Rainbow & what colour was he?
28 What is the name of M & S womens premium clothing barnd using 3 hearts as its logo?
29a What number does the hooker wear in a Rugby Union team?
29b What number does the hooker wear in a Rugby League team?
30 Arnold Schwarzeneggar is doing the next Crème Egg advert with “You have to love Easter, baby” – true or false?


1a 1981
1b Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Bill Rodgers & Shirley Williams
2 White (9) All others have 10
3 Pears
4 Rome
5 3 times
6 Monkees
7 Republican
8a Omaha
8b Juno (Juneau)
9a Milwaukee
9b Cunninghams
10 Ben Ainslie
12 US President
13 Discus Shot Put & Javelin
14 Spamalot
15a Noel Edmonds John Craven Keith Chegwin
15b Andi Peters & Emma Forbes
16 Harland & Wolff
17a Polo
17b 7 minutes
18 Tunisia
19a Dusty Springfield
18b Lulu
20 Bulgaria
21 Captain Morgan
22 Hercule Poirot
23a 2
23b 3
24 Bobby Fischer
25 Glasgow Herald
26 Princess Diana
27 Pink Hippopotamus
28 per una
29a 2
29b 9
30 FALSE (It was a joke by Tim Vine!)


Q   Who scored the first century break at the World Championship at the Crucible Theatre in 1977?

A   Eddie Charlton (104)

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q   Up to & including May5th 2015, how many Euromillions draws have there been?

A   795

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