Quiz 143

Quiz 143

1 In which kind of shop in Pudding Lane did the Great Fire of London start in 1666?
2 Which airship burst into flames at its moorings in New Jersey in 1937?
3 Which company owned the chemical plant that caused the Bhopal disaster in India in 1984?
4 William McGonagall wrote a very bad poem about which Scottish bridge disaster?
5 Where was the Titanic heading for on its maiden voyage & where in England did it leave from?
6 Which Formula One race circuit is the shortest?
7 Which African country did the Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobellar play for?
8 How many hurdles are there in a 110 metre hurdles race?
9 How long does a golfer have to find his ball before it is declared lost?
10 Name 3 NFL teams with birds as their team name
11 What was the name of Smokey Robinson’s backing group?
12 The musician, DJ & producer Fatboy Slim is married to which TV & radio presenter?
13 Which singer was responsible for the dance craze the Twist in the 60s?
14 Which German electronic group hand hits with The Model & Autobahn in the 70s & 80s?
15 Name the backing bands of these singers – Elvis Costello,Billy J Kramer,Bob Marley?
TV Cops
16 What is the name of the copper played by Martin Shaw & set in the North East?
17 What was the name of the cop TV series also set in the North East starring Jimmy Nail?
18 What was the name of the police station where the Bill was set?
19 In which 60/70s cop series featured the characters Dan Williams, Chin Ho & the baddie Wo Fat?
20 Prime Suspect won many TV awards – what was the main female character called & who played her?
General Knowledge
21 What is the highest denomination of banknote in Monopoly?
22 Which early US President is featured on the Purple Heart?
23 What colour belt is the first one awarded after white in karate?
24 Which prefix letter was used to indicate a car manufactured in March 2001?
25 What type of animal is a Suffolk Punch?
26 Which fictional group of children had a dog called Scamper?
27 Which grocery chain has a fir tree inside a circle as its logo?
28 What is the most common method of murder in the UK?
29 How many propellers helped the Wright Brothers get their plane into the air?
30 The sequel to John Milton’s Paradise Lost was called Paradise Found – true or false?


1 Bakers
2 Hindenburg
3 Union Carbide
4 Tay Bridge
5 New York & Southampton
6 Monaco
7 Zimbabwe
8 Ten
9 5 minutes
10 Any 3 of Eagles, Ravens, Falcons, Seahawks
11 Miracles
12 Zoe Ball
13 Chubby Checker
14 Kraftwerk
15 Attractions, Dakotas, Wailers
16 George Gently
17 Spender
18 Sun Hill
19 Hawaii 5-0
20 Jane Tennison & Helen Mirren
21 £500
22 Washington
23 Yellow
24 Y
25 Horse
26 Secret Seven
27 Spar
28 Stabbing
29 Two
30 False (Paradise Regained)


Q  Which country was the first to send an ambassador to the USA in 1778?

A  France

Number Guess (Nearest Wins)

Q  How many MEP’s are there in the European Parliament?

A  751

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