Quiz 132

Quiz 132

1 Which author wrote the Kate Hannigan & Tilly Trotter series of books?
2 Marty Pellow was the lead singer of which group?
3 Which video game series features Liberty City, Vice City & San Andreas?
4 Who wrote these stories – Hans Christian Andersson or Brothers Grimm?
Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Ugly Duckling, Hansel & Gretel
5 What is the name given to a period of play in polo?
6 Can you name 2 of the original presenters of BBC Breakfast Time in 1983?
7 Which musical instrument did Rowan Atkinson play at the opening ceremony of London 2012?
8 In which decade were the coal mines nationalised?
9 The Denmark Strait separates which 2 islands?
10 How many members are there in the group McBusted?
11 Vanarama are the sponsors of which league in football?
12 The French children’s writer Jean de Brunhof created which elephant?
13 How many letters make up the Welsh town known as Llanfair PG (5 either way)?
14 In which TV series does Sarah Lancashire play gay teacher Caroline Dawson?
15 Name 5 US States have an Atlantic coastline (not Gulf of Mexico)?
16 Who was the only British Monarch of the House of Saxe Coburg?
17 What colour do the food additives tartrazine & cochineal produce?
18 Which South American country is named after a chemical element?
19 Which famous film role did Ralph Fiennes take over from Judy Dench?
20 Which Radio DJ was known as Fluff?
21 Who makes the following perfumes – Obsession, Youth Dew, The One?
22 Wild Bill Hickok’s poker hand when he was shot was 2 pair known as the Dead Mans Hand – which pairs did he hold?
23 Which musician is married to the writer & model Sophie Dahl?
24 Who are the top 3 wicket takers for England in Test Cricket?
25 What is the lowest bid in Contract Bridge – 1 club, 1 spade, 1 heart or 1 diamond?
26 Robert Carlyle played which Scottish policeman in a BBC TV series?
27 These common surnames are also old occupations – what did they make?
Fletcher, Chandler, Sandler, Wainwright
28 In which decade were the Liberal Democrats formed?
29 Who had top 5 hits with these “heaven” songs?
Three Steps To Heaven 1975, Heaven Is A Place On Earth 1987, Tears In Heaven 1992
30 At Cooper’s Hill in the Cotswolds they roll a cheese down the hill – which cheese?


1 Catherine Cookson
2 Wet Wet Wet
3 Grand Theft Auto
4 Grimm, Andersson,Andersson, Grimm
5 Chukka
6 Frank Bough, Selena Scott & Nick Ross
7 Keyboard
8 40s (1947)
9 Greenland & Iceland
10 6
11 Conference
12 Babar
13 58
14 Last Tango In Halifax
15 Any 5 of Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Massachussets
New Jersey New York Delaware Maryland Virginia
N Carolina S Carolina Georgia Florida Connecticut
16 Edward VII
17 Yellow & red
18 Argentina
19 M
20 Alan Freeman
21 Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder, Dolce & Gabbana
22 Aces & eights
23 Jamie Cullum
24 Botham Anderson Willis
25 1 Club
26 Hamish MacBeth
27 Arrows; Candles; Shoes; Wagons or carts
28 Eighties 1988
29 Showaddywaddy, Belinda Carlisle, Eric Clapton
30 Double Gloucester

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