Quiz 130

Quiz 130

1 What shape is a sumo wrestling ring?
2 In which game can you score “one for his nob”?
3 What is the name of the golf club at St Andrews in Scotland?
4 Which sport is played at London’s Queen’s Club?
5 In bridge, if one team wins all 13 tricks what is it called?
Sweet Stuff
6 Which pudding gets its name from the French for white food?
7 What dessert or pudding is derived from the pith of the palm tree?
8 Which sweets are advertised with the phrase “Taste the rainbow”?
9 What makes drambuie sweet?
10 Which 3 Quaker families made most of the UK’s chocolate until recent years?
11 Which organ was the first one to be transplanted into a human?
12 What was the name of the Blue Peter presenter sacked in 1998 for drug use?
13 In which TV show did the characters Black Jock & Horrible Ives?
14 Which meat product is a fundamental prop in Punch & Judy?
15 Who said according to a diary entry “I’m just going outside and may be some time”?
Feeling Blue
16 Blue Moon was the name of the detective agency in which 80’s USA show?
17 Which British singer had a number one in the 50s with Singin’ The Blues?
18 In snooker, if a player made a total clearance by potting a blue with every red, how many points would he score?
19 The Elvis film GI Blues featured a song with some German lyrics – which song?
20 In the original Monopoly what are the 3 blue properties immediately after the 2 brown ones?
General Knowledge
21 Which Victorian fictional character provided pie fillings for Mrs Lovett?
22 In which film does Meg Ryan simulate an orgasm in a crowded restaurant?
23 What body of water did the Romans call the Mare Nostrum?
24 Which radioactive element is used to date archeological items?
25 What is 0.625 when expressed as a fraction?
26 What was Buffalo Bill’s surname?
27 In Cluedo which character always moves first?
28 In 1996 who had all his joke books stolen?
29 What is the chemical symbol for manganese?
30 What rank was James Cook when he first visited Australia?


1 Circular
2 Cribbage
3 Royal & Ancient
4 Tennis
5 Grand slam
6 Blancmange
7 Sago
8 Skittles
9 Honey
10 Cadbury Fry Rowntree
11 Kidney
12 Richard Bacon
13 Porridge
14 Sausages
15 Captain Oates
16 Moonlighting
17 Tommy Steele
18 117 (15 x 6 + 27)
19 Wooden Heart
20 Euston Rd, Angel Islington, Pentonville Rd
21 Sweeney Todd
22 When Harry Met Sally
23 Mediterranean Sea
24 Carbon 14
25 5/8
26 Cody
27 Miss Scarlett
28 Bob Monkhouse
29 Mn
30 Lieutenant

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