Quiz 125

Quiz 125

The Bells
1 Which writer created the bell ringer Quasimodo?
2 For Whom The Bell Tolls by Hemingway is set during which Civil War?
3 In the nursery Rhyme Oranges & Lemons which bells ask “when will you pay me?”?
4 Who recorded the top selling album Tubular Bells?
5 Andy Bell was the lead singer of which 80’s duo who had hits with A Little Respect & Sometimes?
On Your Metal
6 The opening titles of which TV detective series featured the main character being shot?
7 Which folk rock group had a top 10 hit with All Around My Hat in the 70s?
8 Which 4 legged film star was born in 1918 & died in 1932 aged 13 having made 28 films?
9 Which group of vegetables do cabbages, cauliflowers & brussell sprouts belong?
10 What type of disc is awarded in the UK for a music album selling 300,000 copies?
11 In which sport could the race winners win by a canvas?
12 Which female tennis player was the last British player to win the Australian Open Singles?
13 In which Olympic sport are beards not permitted?
14 Which former Liverpool player presented a football show with Jimmy Greaves in the 80s?
15 Which cricketer was one of the original team captains in “They Think It’s All Over”?
TV Comedy
16 In which sitcom did the main character travel in time back to the 2nd World War?
17 What was the name of the MP in Yes Minister?
18 What was the first name of Dawn French’s Vicar of Dibley?
19 Who plays Dorien in Birds of a Feather?
20 Which couple were the landlords to the threesome in Man About The House?
General Knowledge
21 What is the maximum number of players in a game of poker?
22 Who was the last wife of Henry VIII?
23 What is America’s most westerly time zone called?
24 In which decade was VAT introduced in the UK?
25 Which London street is famous for men’s tailoring?
26 Which Royal residence is close to the River Dee?
27 What was the name of the first man made insecticide (now banned)?
28 Which of the Marx Brothers played the piano?
29 In which river was Jesus baptised?
30 What colour was the cover of Monty Python’s Big Red Book?


1 Victor Hugo
2 Spanish
3 Old Bailey
4 Mike Oldfield
5 Erasure
6 Ironside
7 Steeleye Span
8 Rin Tin Tin
9 Brassica
10 Platinum
11 Rowing
12 Virginia Wade
13 Boxing
14 Ian St John
15 David Gower
16 Goodnight Sweetheart
17 Jim Hacker
18 Geraldine
19 Lesley Joseph
20 The Ropers
21 Eight
22 Catherine Parr
23 Pacific
24 70s (1973)
25 Savile Row
26 Balmoral
27 DDT
28 Chico
29 Jordan
30 Blue

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