Quiz 121

Quiz 121

Space Travel
1 Which spacecraft has been located on the surface of Mars after being thought lost in 2003?
2 Which sign of the zodiac was also the name of the 2 man USA space programme of the 60s?
3 What was first photographed in 1959 by the space craft Luna 3?
4 Which fictional spacecraft was piloted by Steve Zodiac?
5 Which 4 planets were the destinations of the Voyager 2 spacecraft?
6 What was the name of Muhammad Ali’s manager for 20 years up to 1981?
7 What make of car was President Kennedy in when he was assassinated?
8 Who was the male companion of Hercule Poirot?
9 Whose backing band were the Tremeloes before the band recorded separately?
10 Who was the male star of the film Logan’s Run?
11 What nickname was given to the Manchester Utd team in the 50s?
12 Which Swedish tennis player won the Wimbledon Mens Singles in 88 & 90 both times defeating Becker?
13 Which team did Gabby Logan represent at the 1990 Commonwealth Games?
14 Name either of the 2 African teams that reached the last 16 at the 2014 World Cup?
15 Which American Football teams play in these cities – Philadelphia, Seattle, Detriot?
16 The fictional paper company called Wernham Hogg featured in which TV comedy?
17 Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll was recorded by the Emmerdale cast calling themselves what?
18 Which dance craze began in the Peppermint Lounge in New York in the early 60s?
19 Which Disney film does When You Wish Upon A Star come from?
20 Which sex symbol & classical actor starred in the film The Prince & The Showgirl in 1957?
General Knowledge
21 In which decade was Tutankhamen’s tomb discovered?
22 What is the last word of the New Testament?
23 Where in London do The Strand, Whitehall & the Mall meet?
24 Where is Margaret Thatcher Day celebrated on the 10th January?
25 Which London theatre claimed it never closed during World war 2?
26 In the nursery rhyme Little Boy Blue where was the cow?
27 True or false – the French call the constellation the Plough , Le Casserole?
28 Which childrens TV show featured “the biggest spotty dog you ever did see”?
29 Which country is known as Bharat in its own language?
30 How many full size loaves of bread can you put into a standard empty shopping trolley?


1 Beagle 2
2 Gemini
3 Far (dark) side of the moon
4 Fireball XL5
5 Jupiter Saturn Uranus & Neptune
6 Angelo Dundee
7 Lincoln Continental
8 Captain Hastings
9 Brian Poole
10 Michael York
11 Busby Babes
12 Stefan Edberg
13 Wales
14 Algeria or Nigeria
15 Eagles, Seahawks, Lions
16 The Office
17 Woolpackers
18 Twist
19 Pinocchio
20 Marilyn Monroe & Lawrence Olivier
21 1920s
22 Amen
23 Trafalgar Square
24 Falklands
25 Windmill
26 In the corn
28 Woodentops
29 India
30 One (After the first one the trolley is no longer empty!)

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