Quiz 120

Quiz 120

In the Sky
1 Which TV presenter was the first performer on Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes doing Cher?
2 Who were “Walking on the Moon” at the top of the charts in 1979?
3 What is the name of the sun’s atmosphere, a cigar & a Spanish beer?
4 Which actress is portrayed in the advert for Galaxy chocolate?
5 Which 3 action film stars founded the Planet Hollywood chain of fast food restaurants?
6 The Devil’s Tower, a volcanic rock in Wyoming, was used in which sci-fi film?
7 The entrance to which sea is guarded by rocks called the Pillars of Hercules?
8 What is the name of the treacherous rocks situated in the Solent off the Isle of Wight?
9 Which volcanic rock floats on water?
10 Holiday Rock was the theme song to which TV series?
11 What were the major supermarkets legallt allowed to do for the first time on August 28th 1994?
12 Which chain of cafes is named after a character from Moby Dick?
13 Which stores were created by Richard Block & David Quayle?
14 What colour is the dotted line on the Tesco logo?
15 Which clothing store was founded by 2 former England rugby players in 1987?
16 Who was the British female star of the TV series Sapphire & Steel?
17 In which year did Queen Victoria celebrate her Diamond Jubilee?
18 In fiction, who lived in the Emerald City?
19 From which city did Alf Garnett’s son-in-law come from?
20 Which gemstone is commonly used rhyming slang for curry?
General Knowledge
21 Who was the first British golfer to win the US Masters in 1988?
22 What colour dress did Wilma Flintstone always wear?
23 Which spirit is the basis of a marguerita?
24 The artist Canaletto was most famous for paintings of London & which other European city?
25 Which Disney film featured Mickey Mouse as a sorcerer’s apprentice?
26 Which bridge in the UK connects the towns of Barton & Hessle?
27 How many fluid ounces are there in a pint?
28 In 1995 who was the first British pop star to be knighted?
29 James Earl Ray assassinated which prominent figure of the 1960s?
30 Who has announced his intention to marry Elliott Spencer in 2014?


1 Carol Vorderman
2 Police
3 Corona
4 Audrey Hepburn
5 Schwarzenegger, Willis, Stallone
6 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
7 Mediterranean
8 The Needles
9 Pumice
10 HiDeHi
11 Open on a Sunday
12 Starbucks
13 B & Q
14 Blue
15 Cotton Traders
16 Joanna Lumley
17 1897
18 Wizard of Oz
19 Liverpool (Scouse git)
20 Ruby (Murray) –
21 Sandy Lyle
22 White
23 Tequila
24 Venice
25 Fantasia
26 Humber Bridge
27 20
28 Cliff Richard
29 Martin Luther King
30 Stephen Fry

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