Quiz 119

Quiz 119

1 On which island would you have a luau?
2 In the top 4 divisions in England which football team comes first alphabetically?
3 The smallest Canadian island province has the same name as which of the Queens children?
4 In which Swedish city are the headquarters of Volvo?
5 Which castle overlooks Durham Cricket Ground?
6 What name is given to a first year student at an American University?
7 Which salad dressing is named after an area in the St Lawrence seaway?
8 Who had hits with these “blue” songs:- True Blue 1986, Mr Blue Sky 1978, Blue Monday 1983 1988 1995
9 Who is the Queen’s only nephew?
10 In which year will the next UK Census take place?
11 Which 2 detectives did John Nettles play on TV?
12 Which cricketer who played from 1990 to 2003 is Englands most capped player?
13 Which singer/songwriter had the biggest selling album of 2014?
14 In the new TV series Still Open All Hours what is the name of Granville’s assistant?
15 Rearrange the letters in the word ENRAGED to make 3 other English words
16 Which film musical is the story of Sally Bowles?
17 Who is the only US President to have been divorced?
18 In which sport would you hear the terms madison & omnium?
19 Prior to the ISP, what were the 1973 US & 1986 Russian Space Stations called?
20 Which district of New York is also a market town in North Yorkshire?
21a Which singer had a Number 1 hit in 1982 with the Rodgers & Hammerstein song Happy Talk?
21b Which Rodgers & Hammerstein musical does the song come from?
22 Between 1216 & 1553 there were 14 kings of England but only 3 different names – what were they?
23 The tapestry called Christ In Glory by Graham Sutherland can be seen in which building?
24a Which female TV presenter sold Boddingtons beer from an ice cream van in a famous ad?
24b What did she offer to put in it?
25 Which canal joins Loch Ness to the Moray Firth?
26 Who were the Greek & Roman Gods of the sea?
27 Which French vegetable dish is based on aubergines cougettes peppers and tomatoes?
28 Are these acceptable Scrabble words- oo, zzz, omo, daz?
29 Which monarch opened the Tyne Bridge?
30 Illinois’ second biggest city and an American TV detective share what name?


1 Hawaii
2 Accrington Stanley
3 Prince Edward Island
4 Gothenburg
5 Lumley Castle
6 Freshman
7 Thousand Island
8 Madonna, ELO, New Order
9 Viscount Linley (David Armstrong Jones)
10 2021
11 Jim Bergerac & Tom Barnaby
12 Alec Stewart
13 Ed Sheeran
14 Leroy
15 Angered Derange Grandee Grenade
16 Cabaret
17 Ronald Reagan
18 Cycling
19 Skylab & Mir
20 Richmond
21a Captain Sensible
21b South Pacific
22 Henry Richard Edward
23 Coventry Cathedral
24a Melanie Sykes
24b Flake
25 Caledonian
26 Poseidon & Neptune
27 Ratatouille
28 Yes Yes No No
29 George V
30 Rockford

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