Quiz 118

Quiz 118

Sport 2014
1 Lizzy Yarnold won Britain’s only gold medal at the Winter Olympics – in which event?
2 Which European nation won the Davis Cup?
3 Which team won the 2014 Cricket County Championship?
4 Which female athlete finished 3rd in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year?
5 Which 2 Major Golf Championships did Rory McIlroy win in 2014?
TV 2014
6 Which presenter left Newsnight?
7 Which Nursery Rhyme got Jeremy Clarkson in trouble?
8 Nancy Birtwhistle won which TV competition?
9 What was the main complaint about the actors on the BBC’s Jamaica Inn?
10 Sheridan Smith played which British singer on TV in September?
News 2014
11 Name one of the 3 countries where the Ebola Virus outbreak began?
12 Which country’s airlines lost 2 aircraft in 2014, one in an accident & one shot down in Ukraine?
13 What shopping event happened on 28th November causing chaos everywhere?
14 Which publicist was convicted of sexual assault & sentenced to 8 years jail in May?
15 Which 2 politicians took part in televised debates prior to the Scottish referendum?
People We’ve Lost 2014
16 Kate O’Mara passed away in March, she starred in a TV series Triangle set on what mode of transport?
17 Rik Mayall passed away in June, which character was he known for in the Blackadder series?
18 James Garner passed away in July, which of the Mavericks did he play in the TV series?
19 Joe Cocker passed away this month – which Beatles song is he best known for?
20 Mickey Rooney may have been little but he was married how many times 6,7 or 8?
General Knowledge
21 Which cricketer won series 4 of Strictly Come Dancing in 2006?
22 Which London shop has a clock outside where models of the owners bow to each other on the hour?
23 Which planet doesn’t feature in The Planets Suite by Holtz?
24 Which Mediterranean island is probably named after the element copper?
25 In which of Ian Fleming’s novels did James Bond first appear?
26 Which US swimmer won 8 Gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
27 Which part of Manhattan is named after a Dutch city famous for the bulb trade?
28 Which rock band opened Live Aid in July 1985?
29 Who played the young Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade?
30 Which mountain was the highest in the world before Everest was discovered?


1 Skeleton
2 Switzerland
3 Yorkshire
4 Hull City
5 The Open, US PGA Championship
6 Jeremy Paxman
7 Eeny Meeny Miny Mo
8 Great British Bake Off
9 They mumbled
10 Cilla Black
11 Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia
12 Malaysia
13 Black Friday
14 Max Clifford
15 Alex Salmond & Alistair Darling
16 Ferry
17 Flashheart
18 Bret
19 With A Little Help From My Friends
20 8 –
21 Mark Ramprakash
22 Fortnum & Mason
23 Earth
24 Cyprus
25 Casino Royale
26 Michael Phelps
27 Harlem
28 Status Quo
29 River Phoenix
30 Everest


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