Quiz 116

Quiz 116

1 Which detective first appeared in A Study In Scarlet in 1887?
2 Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less was the first novel of which former politician?
3 Which bird is used as the symbol of Penguin Books children’s literature?
4 Which Australian born feminist wrote The Female Eunuch?
5 Which 2 books do castaways automatically receive on Desert Island Discs?
Game Shows
6 What is the name of the “true or false” style quiz hosted by Nick Knowles?
7 What was the top prize in Hughie Greene’s Double Your Money?
8 Who was the first female hostess of Bruce’s Generation Game?
9 On which game show did Darren Day succeed Matthew Kelly?
10 Can you name the first 3 hosts of Wheel of Fortune?
11 What number Rillington Place did the killer John Christie live?
12 Who was jailed for the murder of builder Charlie Stubbs in Coronation Street in 2007?
13 What was the name of the area in Dallas where JFK was shot?
14 What was the name of the street in Gloucester where the Wests lived?
15 The Figure of Justice on the Old Bailey carries which 2 items in her hands?
16 Who was the Russian leader at the time of the Cuban Missile crisis?
17 Give me any year which was within what is known as the regency period of the 19th century?
18 In which city did the Nazi war crimes trials take place after WW2?
19 Which country did the Russians invade in 1968?
20 What were the first names of the Wright Brothers, aviation pioneers?
General Knowledge
21 Only one road sign in the UK is hexagonal. What word is written on it?
22 Lorraine Chase found fame in a Campari advert – which airport did she mention in the advert?
23 Which molten metal is used to galvanise steel?
24 Which legendary film star’s real name is Frances Gumm?
25 Which hotel in London asked a woman to be more discreet when breast feeding her baby?
26 Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe, what English name did it have until 1992?
27 How many different clubs have won the Premier League?
28 Which woodwind instrument plays the lowest note?
29 Which drink gets its name from the Dutch for burnt wine?
30 Which business is at 15 Coronation Street?


1 Sherlock Holmes
2 Jeffrey Archer
3 Puffin
4 Germaine Greer
5 Bible/Complete Works of Shakespeare
6 Perfection
7 £1,000.00
8 Anthea Redfern
9 You Bet!
10 Nicky Campbell, John Leslie, Bradley Walsh
11 10
12 Tracy Barlow
13 Deeley Plaza
14 Cromwell Street
15 Sword & scales
16 Kruschev
17 1811-1820
18 Nuremburg
19 Czechoslovakia
20 Wilbur & Orville
21 Stop
22 Luton
23 Zinc
24 Judy Garland
25 Claridge’s
26 Salisbury’s
27 5 (Manu Man C Arsenal Blackburn Chelsea)
28 Bassoon
29 Brandy
30 Alahan’s Corner Shop



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