Quiz 114

Quiz 114

1 Which hairdresser who died in 2012 came to fame in the 60s, pioneering the geometric haircut design?
2 Versace designed a safety pin dress made famous by which British actress?
3 What fashion items does David Schilling design?
4 Who is credited with creating hot pants in the early 1970s?
5 Dedicated Follower of Fashion was a 60s hit for which group?
6 Which actor was the narrator on the original version of Jeff Lynne’s War of the Worlds?
7 Which song by Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin was banned by the BBC in 1969 despite reaching No 1?
8 When Leo Sayer first came to fame, what was he dressed as when he performed?
9 Which Beatles single was the title of their first album?
10 Name the 3 groups who have won the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK
11 Si & Am, 2 Siamese cats appear in which Disney film?
12 In which Disney film does Princess Jasmine appear?
13 Which Disney cartoon features the magic words Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo?
14 What was the surname of the family in Mary Poppins?
15 What is the name of the panther & the tiger in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book?
16 Which of the planets was the name of the USA’s first manned space program?
17 In which organ of the body is the hypothalamus?
18 Which alloy is typically 88% copper & 12% tin?
19 The word galaxy comes from the Greek for which liquid?
20 What are the 3 most abundant gases in the Earth’s atmosphere?
General Knowledge
21 What 2 word rhyming nickname was General Schwarzkopf known as during the Gulf War?
22 The motor racing track Monza is located on the outskirts of which city?
23 In the dead parrot sketch in Monty Python what was the Norwegian Blue pining for?
24 Who wrote the Hunt for Red October?
25 What colour cape did Robin wear in the Batman TV & films?
26 Who drove the Turbo Terrific in Wacky Races?
27 For which film did John Wayne win his only Oscar?
28 In Shakespeare, who was the husband of Desdemona?
29 In which US State is Fort Knox?
30 I hate housework! You make the beds, you do the dishes–and six months later you have to start all over again
Which American female comedian who died this year said these words?


1 Vidal Sassoon
2 Liz Hurley
3 Hats
4 Mary Quant
5 Kinks
6 Richard Burton
7 Je T’aime
8 Clown
9 Please Please Me
10 Brotherhood of Man, Bucks Fizz, Katrina & the Waves
11 Lady & the Tramp
12 Aladdin
13 Cinderella
14 Banks
15 Bagheera & Shere Khan
16 Mercury
17 Brain
18 Bronze
19 Milk
20 Nitrogen Oxygen Argon
21 Stormin’ Norman
22 Milan
23 The fjords
24 Tom Clancy
25 Yellow
26 Peter Perfect
27 True Grit
28 Othello
29 Kentucky
30 Joan Rivers



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