Quiz 109

Quiz 109

1 Where in the human body would you find rods & cones?
2a Which Scottish city is closest to the site of the Battle of Culloden?
2b Which Scottish city is closest to the site of the Battle of Bannockburn?
3 In the 70s who were Brett Sinclair & Danny Wilde on TV?
4 Americans call them thrift stores, what do we call them?
5 Gymnophobia is the fear of quizzes – true or false?
6 What were the maiden names of Jackie Kennedy & Cherie Blair?
7a How many pence were there in a groat?
7b Which British coin is to be 12 sided in 2017?
8 On which London building would you find Traitor’s Gate?
9 Doncaster/Sheffield Airport is named after which historic figure?
10 Where was Michael Fagan found in July 1982?
11 EE is the company formed from T Mobile & Orange – what does either E stand for?
12 What was the name of the first commercial jet airliner?
13 Which piece of classical music was used as the theme to the TV series The Lone Ranger?
14 Which famous World War 2 attack was known as Operation Chastise?
15 Other than Charlie name any 2 of the other kids in Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory?
16 How many Tour De France titles was Lance Armstrong stripped of when he admitted drug abuse?
17 Which river was used to irrigate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
18 The Overlanders in 1966 had their only hit & number one with which Beatles ballad?
19 What is the name of the mission that landed a probe on a comet this week?
20 Name any year in which Robert Burns was alive?
21a Which author created Jason Bourne?
21b Which author created Robert Langdon?
22 Which actress made her screen debut in a musical & won an Oscar for it in 1964?
23 Which alcoholic drink is the basis of advocaat?
24 Which sport is played by Brisbane Lions & Wets Coast Eagles?
25 Fire and brimstone is an expression used to describe the consequences of God’s anger – which element is brimstone?
26 What was the name of Elvis Presley’s backing singers up to 1972?
27 Complete this famous line from Tony Hancock – “A pint? That’s very nearly ….”
28 In an individual medley swimming race which stroke is swum first?
29 Which grocery chain has a fir tree inside a circle as its logo?
30 Which Paris landmark stands at the centre of the Place de Charles De Gaulle?


1 Eye
2a Inverness
2b Stirling
3 Persuaders
4 Charity shops
5 False – fear of nudity
6 Bouvier & Booth
7a 4
7b £1.00
8 Tower of London
9 Robin Hood
10 Queens bedroom
11 Everything Everywhere
12 Comet
13 William Tell Overture
14 Dambusters
15 Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop, Mike Teevee
16 Seven
17 Euphrates
18 Michelle
19 Rosetta
20 1759 – 1796
21a Robert Ludlum
21b Dan Brown
22 Julie Andrews
23 Brandy
24 Aussie Rules Football
25 Sulfur
26 Jordanaires
27 An armful
28 Butterfly
29 Spar
30 Arc de Trimphe

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