Quiz 108

Quiz 108

1 What kind of garment often worn by police and members of the armed forces is made from Kevlar?
2 In the solar system where would you find the Cassini Division?
3 Which chemical element is common to all acids?
4 What does the C stand for in LCD as in a television?
5 What is the more common name for ethylene glycol?
Food & Drink
6 The Americans call them snap peas; what French name do we call them?
7 Which meringue based dessert is named after a famous ballerina?
8 What kind of food is taleggio in Italy?
9 Which tequila based cocktail is the Spanish word for daisy?
10 What are the 2 essential ingredients of a moussaka?
11 Which Japanese car maker assembles cars in Swindon in the UK?
12 Which make of car was used as the mode of transport in the Back To The Future films?
13 Sojourner was the first vehicle used to explore which body in the Solar System?
14 Which famous film car had the number plate GEN 11?
15 Which TV detective drove a Peugeot 403 Convertible?
16 What is the first event in a women’s heptathlon?
17 Who was the last English born World Golf Number One?
18 In which sport is Wayne Gretsky regarded as “The Great One”?
19 How many 2½ mile laps do the drivers do in the Indianapolis 500?
20 Which 2 US cities baseball teams are named after the colour of their socks?
General Knowledge
21 Lord Freud embarrassed the government by saying disabled people should be paid how much per hour?
22 Sandy Toksvig presents 15 to 1 in Channel 4 – where was she born?
23 What is the first name of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice?
24 On which street was Steptoe & Son’s yard situated?
25 In chess what are the only pieces that cannot go backwards?
26 Diana was the first single & number one by which Canadian singer & songwriter?
27 Which actress played Betty in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em?
28 Which consonant is represented by a single dash in Morse Code?
29 What was the name of the artist who designed the Blue Peter logo?
30 Which famous horror novel is subtitled “A Modern Prometheus”?


1 Body armour
2 Saturn’s rings
3 Hydrogen
4 Crystal
5 Antifreeze
6 Mange Tout
7 Pavlova
8 Cheese
9 Margarita
10 Lamb & Aubergine
11 Honda
12 DeLorean
13 Mars
14 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
15 Columbo
16 100m hurdles
17 Luke Donald
18 Ice Hockey
19 200
20 Boston (red) Chicago (white)
21 £2.00
22 Danish
23 Antonio
24 Oil Drum Lane
25 Pawns
26 Paul Anka
27 Michele Dotrice
28 T
29 Tony Hart
30 Frankenstein

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2 Responses to Quiz 108

  1. Jill says:

    Q 26 – Paul Anka was born in Ottawa Canada

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