Quiz 107

Quiz 107

1 Which Shakespeare play begins with the line “Now is the winter of our discontent”?
2 What was the name of the bear in Kipling’s Jungle Book?
3 What is the second book in the Harry Potter series?
4 In the novel & film, what did Hannibal Lecter drink with human liver & fava neans?
5 What are the titles of the 2 sequels to 50 Shades of Grey?
6 In which fictional town is Neighbours set?
7 Who played King Arthur in the film musical of Camelot?
8 Rooster Cogburn was the 1975 sequel to which cowboy film?
9 Which fictional character has been played on film by Rex Harrison & Eddie Murphy?
10 What were the names of the butler and the dismembered hand in The Addams Family?
11 What is the largest city on the French Riviera?
12 In which country is Mount Kilimanjaro?
13 What is the second largest island in the Mediterranean?
14 What is the only city in England beginning with T?
15 Which 2 islands are separated by the Denmark Strait?
16 Which legendary song includes the line “February made me shiver”?
17 Which 2 word Australian band got their name from the cramped apartment they lived in?
18 Which former Aussie soap star had her first big hit in 1997 with Torn?
19 Which Cuban born female singer began her career with the Miami Sound Machine?
20 Which 2 Queen albums were named after 2 Marx Brothers films?
General Knowledge
21 In which country was Martina Navratilova born?
22 Who was commander in chief of the Luftwaffe in WW2?
23 18th Century artist George Stubbs was most famous for paintings of which animal?
24 Who won 6 Snooker World Championships in the 1970s?
25 Which musical is based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion?
26 The German dessert Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte is better known in the UK as what?
27 Despite a population of over 156 million, which Asian country has never won an Olympic Gold Medal?
28 The 13th amendment to the American constitution in 1865 abolished what?
29 Which amphibious animal native to the UK lives in a holt?
30 In which city was The Full Monty set?


1 Richard III
2 Baloo
3 Chamber of Secrets
4 Chianti
5 50 Shades Darker & 50 Shades Freed
6 Erinsbrough
7 Richard Harris
8 True Grit
9 Dr Doolittle
10 Lurch & Thing
11 Nice
12 Tanzania
13 Sicily
14 Truro
15 Greenland & Iceland
16 American Pie
17 Crowded House
18 Natalie Imbruglia
19 Gloria Estefan
20 A Night At The Opera & A Day At The Races
21 Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic
22 Herman Goring
23 Horses
24 Ray Reardon
25 My Fair Lady
26 Black Forest Gateau
27 Bangladesh
28 Slavery
29 Otter
30 Sheffield


Who was the first ever Number 1 in the World Golf Rankings?

Bernhard Langer

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