Quiz 106

Quiz 106

1 Who was the first future Prime Minister to be born during Queen Elizabeth’s reign?
2 What were the first names of Starsky & Hutch?
3 What was the first American city to host the Olympic Games?
4 Which dinosaur has a name that means “three horned face?
5 “Nobody Does It Better” is the theme from which of the Bond films?
6 What is the name of a period of play in polo?
7 Which musical instruments are associated with these performers:-
John Williams, Julian Lloyd Webber, Vanessa Mae?
8 Which ship sank in 1545 & was raised from the ocean in 1982?
9 What would you find listed on the website Zoopla?
10a Which businessman becomes Ironman?
10b Which childrens TV superhero wears an Omnitrix on his wrist?
11 Which country is entirely surrounded by South Africa?
12 In which city was The Third Man set?
13 What is the Christian name of Nick Clegg’s wife & what nationality is she?
14 Which T Rex song feature the line “Wear a tall hat like the druids in the old days”?
15 Which football clubs have been present in the Premier League since it began?
16 In 1971 Redbone sang about a witch queen from which city?
17 How many stars were on the USA flag when the anthem The Star Spangled Banner was adopted in 1931?
18 In which Shakespeare play do the 3 witches feature in the opening scene?
19 In horse race betting how many horses are picked for a yankee & how many bets are there in total?
20 Which power station caught fire last week?
21 Apart from the alphabet & the numbers 0 to 9, which 3 words are found on a ouija board?
22 In the song I Can Sing a Rainbow, which 2 colours mentioned are not actually in a rainbow?
23 How many man made landmarks can be seen from space?
24 The Final Conflict in 1981 was the third & last film in the series – what was the first in 1976?
25 From which plant do you obtain digitalis?
26 Which war was fought between 1861 & 1865?
27 Which long running US TV comedy series featured the Cunningham family?
28 Which river flows through Baghdad?
29 Ingrid Bergman, Britt Ekland & Greta Garbo were all born in which country?
30 What 4 elements make up the word Snack?


1 Tony Blair
2 David & Ken
3 St Louis
4 Triceratops
5 The Spy Who Loved Me
6 Chukka
7 Guitar, Cello, Violin
8 Mary Rose
9 Houses for sale
10a Tony Stark
10b Ben 10
11 Lesotho
12 Vienna
13 Miriam/Spanish
14 Ride A White Swan
15 Arsenal Aston Villa Chelsea Everton Liverpool Man Utd Tottenham
16 New Orleans
17 48
18 Macbeth
19 4 & 11
20 Didcot
21 Yes, no & goodbye
22 Pink & purple
23 None
24 The Omen
25 Foxglove
26 American Civil War
27 Happy Days
28 Tigris
29 Sweden
30 Sulfur, Sodium, Carbon, Potassium

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