Quiz 105

Quiz 105

1 Which company gets a 10 from Len?
2 Which TV sitcom character married Cassandra Parry?
3 What does Tomasz Schafernaker do on television regularly?
4 Which former politician presents Great British Railway Journeys?
5 Now that left & right Twix have split, what are the only 2 things they share?
6 Who was the first boxer to be heavyweight Olympic champion and then heavyweight world champion?
7 At the 2014 Commonwealth Games which tune was played when an England representative was presented with a gold medal?
8 In which sport would both men and women wear a spray skirt?
9 In which sport do the competitors wear their numbers on their hats?
10 Which 2 English F1 drivers won the F1 World Championship in the 60s?
11 Which American 50s singer was known as Little Miss Dynamite?
12 Duelling Banjoes was the hit tune which featured in which Burt Reynolds film?
13 Which duo said in a song that you “had more rabbit than Sainsbury’s”?
14 Which folk rock band had a top 10 hit in 1975 with the traditional song All Around My Hat?
15 Who had hits with these sexy songs – I Want Your Sex (1987), Sexy Eyes (1980) You Sexy Thing (1975)?
Food & Drink
16 What do Americans call grilling?
17 Whitstable in Kent is famous for what food?
18 What fruit is Calvados distilled from?
19 What name is given to a bundle of herbs tied together & used in stocks, casseroles & soups?
20 A dish served au gratin is usually covered in what?
General Knowledge
21 Red Vineyard was the only painting sold by which artist in his lifetime?
22 What was the former name of the Indian city of Chennai?
23 What type of tree is often found in churchyards?
24 In which month do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?
25 Which film was tagged as a “romantic comedy with zombies”?
26 How many hurdles are cleared in the 110 metre hurdles?
27 Who or what was Admiral Benbow in the novel Treasure Island?
28 Which rank of the nobility comes between a duke and an earl?
29 What is the speed limit for a car towing a caravan on a motorway?
30 Which historic demolition began in November 1989?


1 Farmfoods
2 Rodney Trotter
3 Weather
4 Michael Portillo
5 Wrapper & driveway
6 Joe Frazier
7 Jerusalem
8 Canoeing
9 Water Polo
10 Graham Hill, John Surtees
11 Brenda Lee
12 Deliverance
13 Chas & Dave
14 Steeleye Span
15 George Michael, Dr Hook, Hot Chocolate
16 Broiling
17 Oysters
18 Apples
19 Bouquet Garni
20 Breadcrumbs
21 Van Gogh
22 Madras
23 Yew
24 November
25 Shaun of the Dead
26 Ten
27 Pub
28 Marquis
29 60 mph
30 Berlin Wall

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