Quiz 103

Quiz 103

1 How many planets in the solar system are bigger than Earth?
2 Which country produces the Exocet missile?
3 Which cricketer was credited with the “ball of the century” in June 1993?
4 In which direction do the winds rotate around a low pressure system in the UK?
5 What was Mickey Mouse’s original first name?
6 In which decade were postcodes introduced in the UK?
7a In Monopoly if you could buy the Savoy Hotel which colour property should it go on?
7b In Monopoly if you could buy the Statue of Eros which colour property should it go on?
7c In Monopoly if you could buy Hamley’s toy store which colour property should it go on?
8 Where in the body would you find the cochlea?
9 What would you be doing if you were flying through the air in a gondola?
10 Who did David Cameron say was the “greatest living Yorkshireman” at the Tory Conference?
11 Caustic soda is the common name for which chemical substance?
12 Which 3 actors were the 3 men in Three Men & a Baby?
13 NatWest is using which song from the Sound of Music in its current ads?
14 In which city did George Clooney get married last week?
15 Who had hits with these songs with metals in the title – Brass In Pocket 1979, Gold 1983, Silver Lady 1977?
16 With which football team did Bobby Moore finish his playing career in England?
17 With what did the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe feed her children?
18 What kind of creature did Sonny Crocket have as a pet in Miami Vice?
19 What do the first S in SMS & the first M in MMS stand for?
20a If something is described as stannic which metal does it contain?
20b If something is described as auric which metal does it contain?
21 Which orchestral musical instrument has 46 strings & 7 pedals?
22 Which famous sporting club is 1200 in Roman numerals?
23 Which 2 colours make up Bertie Basset’s hat?
24 James Bond holds a rank in which of the armed forces?
25 Which Carry On film is centred around the company W C Boggs & Son?
26 Which company uses the advertising slogan “Be more dog”?
27 The Society of Friends are better known as what?
28 In the 1980 Bowie song Ashes to Ashes what does Major Tom become?
29 In which country is the Road to Mandalay?
30 Which 6 football clubs in England contain a point of the compass in their name?


1 Four
2 France
3 Shane Warne
4 Anticlockwise
5 Mortimer
6 60s (1968)
7a Red (Strand)
7b Yellow (Piccadilly)
7c Green (Regent Street)
8 Ear
9 Ballooning
10 William Hague
11 Sodium Hydroxide
12 Ted Danson Steve Guttenburg & Tom Selleck
13 So Long, Farewell
14 Venice
15 Pretenders, Spandau Ballet, David Soul
16 Fulham
17 Broth without any bread
18 Alligator
19 Short & Multimedia
20a Tin
20b Gold
21 Harp
22 MCC
23 Black & blue
24 Royal Navy (Commander)
25 At Your Convenience
26 O2
27 Quakers
28 A junkie
29 Burma or Myanmar
30 Northampton Southampton West Brom West Ham Southend Preston North End

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