Quiz 102

Quiz 102

1 What was Robert Be Niro doing while he was waiting in Bananarama’s 1984 song?
2 What kind of flu 1918 killed over 50 million people worldwide?
3 In which 1971 film did the character Popeye Doyle first appear?
4 The disease rubella is best known as what?
5 Which ancient board game is played on a wooden board with pegs or balls shaped like a six pointed star?
6 Which English footballer was arrested for theft at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico?
7 Which biennial tournament was played at the Medinah Country Club in 2012?
8 Which 200m & 400m gold medalist wore gold running shoes at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics?
9 Jonah Lomu plays Rugby Union for which country?
10 Sebastian Vettel won 4 F! Championships in a row, which Argentinian did the same in the 50s?
11 What is the name given to the molten rock inside a volcano before it erupts?
12 In which year (within 1 either way) was the first human heart transplant carried out successfully?
13 Which animal does the word “ovine” describe?
14 Charles Conrad was the 3rd man to do what in 1969?
15 If you had bariatric surgery what are you trying to reduce?
Letter S
16 In Fawlty Towers what was Polly’s surname?
17 In which Austrian town can you visit Mozart’s birthplace?
18 Eastleigh Airport serves which English town?
19 Tahini paste used in Middle eastern cooking is made from which ingredient?
20 What was the name of Jane Seymour’s character in Live & Let Die?
General Knowledge
21 Before Gordon Brown who was the last Prime Minister to take office without winning a General Election?
22 How many former US presidents are still alive (10/10/14)?
23 Which board game did Canadians Chris Haney & Scott Abott invent in 1979?
24 Who is currently 5th in line to the British throne?
25 “Winning by a canvas” is a term used for a close finish in which sport?
26 Named in 1977 & opened in 1979 what is the newest London Underground line?
27 The attractions were the backing group of which singer?
28 What do Americans call a tap?
29 How many different letters are used for numbers in the Latin numerical system?
30 Who was the target of the kidnappers in the book The Eagle Has Landed?


1 Talking Italian
2 Spanish
3 The French Connection
4 German Measles
5 Chinese Checkers
6 Bobby Moore
7 Ryder Cup
8 Michael Johnson
9 New Zealand
10 Juan Fangio
11 Magma
12 1967
13 Sheep
14 Walk on the moon
15 Your weight
16 Sherman
17 Saltzberg
18 Southampton
19 Sesame seeds
20 Solitaire
21 John Major
22 Four
23 Trivial Pursuit
24 Prince Andrew
25 Rowing
26 Jubilee
27 Elvis Costello
28 Faucet
29 7
30 Churchill


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