Quiz 101

Quiz 101

1 Barry & Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves were the ballroom dancing champions in which BBC sitcom?
2 Which famous dancer’s last film was Xanadu with Olivia Newton-John?
3 Betty Boothroyd, former Speaker of the House of Commons, was a member of which famous dance troupe?
4 Who was Wayne Sleep’s famous dancing partner at a Covent Garden party in 1985?
5 What words are needed to complete these dances – Black …., Turkey …., Bunny …?
6 Genesis Chapters 6,7,8 & 9 describe which event?
7 Which clothing chain is the name for the rainy season particularly in Asian countries?
8 What is the name of the boat that takes you close to Niagara Falls?
9 Boogie Wonderland was a top 10 hit for which group in 1979?
10 Walter C Dewhurst in Last of the Summer Wine played by Brian Wilde was better known by which nickname?
11 Which natural disaster hit Ireland in 1845?
12 The current Queen is from the House of Windsor, from which Royal house was Queen Victoria?
13 Lord Nelson’s body was preserved in a barrel of what for the journey home?
14 Custer’s last Stand was at which battle?
15 Which British General was killed at Khartoum?
16 In which Carry On film did Kenneth Williams say “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me”?
17 Which Irish comedian was known for his wellies with L & R written on them?
18 Which American comedienne had her own TV series almost continuously from 1951 to 1974?
19 Who created the character Mrs Merton?
20 Who is the host of Would I Lie To You? And who are the team captains?
General Knowledge
21 Which card game is James Bond’s favourite in casinos?
22 Emlyn Hughes joined Liverpool & Alan Ball joined Everton from which club?
23 Creme de Cassis is a liquer made from which fruit?
24 British Honduras was the former name of which South American country?
25 Pilchard is the name of the cat in which children’s TV series?
26 Antony Duncan Lee & Simon are collectively known as which band?
27 Which chemical element has the symbol B?
28 What is the state capital of Massachussets?
29 Who played Michael Caine’s love interest in Get Carter?
30 In which city was the first British Concorde assembled?


1 HiDiHi
2 Gene Kelly
3 Tiller Girls
4 Princess Diana
5 Bottom, Trot, Hop
6 Flood
7 Monsoon
8 Maid of the Mist
9 Earth Wind & Fire
10 Foggy
11 Potato famine
12 Hanover
13 Brandy
14 Battle of the Little Big Horn
15 Gordon
16 Cleo
17 Jimmy Cricket
18 Lucille Ball
19 Caroline Aherne
20 Rob Brydon, David Mitchell, Lee Mack
21 Baccarat
22 Blackpool
23 Blackcurrants
24 Belize
25 Bob the Builder
26 Blue
27 Boron
28 Boston
29 Britt Ekland
30 Bristol

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2 Responses to Quiz 101

  1. declil says:

    Queen Victoria was from the house of Hanover But wasn’t Queen Elizabet also due to changing the name

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