Quiz 100

Quiz 100

The 80s
1 John Hinkley attempted to assassinate which US President in 1981?
2 What was the name of the RAF base in Berkshire where there was a Women’s Peace Camp during the 80s?
3 Which actor became Mayor of Carmel in California in 1986?
4 Eddy Shah launched which newspaper in the UK in 1986?
5 In which country did the 1986 FIFA World Cup take place?
6 Which Glenn Miller record received the first ever gold disc?
7 In which American city was the TV series The Golden Girls set?
8 24 carat gold is 100% pure, but which metal is mixed with it when it isn’t 24 carat?
9 Which golfer was known as the Golden Bear?
10 In Green Green Grass of Home who had hair of gold and lips like cherries?
Kids TV
11 Which Womble is named after a town on the island of Mull in Scotland?
12 Posh Paws was a purple dinosaur who featured in which Saturday morning kids TV show with Noel Edmonds?
13 Stu Francis catchphrase on Crackerjack was “Oo I could crush a …..what”?
14 In which programme would you have found a the character called Professor Yaffle?
15 What were the characters played by Ant & Dec in Byker Grove?
16 What 2 colours are the gates in slalom skiing?
17 In which sport was Tony Allcock crowned World Champion for the 3rd time in 2002?
18 In American Football how many points do you get for a “safety”?
19 Which British Formula One team are based in Woking in Surrey?
20 How many metres do Olympic high board divers fall before they get wet?
General Knowledge
21 Which newspaper has a crusader as its front page logo?
22 Approximately how long in minutes does it take for the light from the sun to reach the earth?
23 How many films in the Die Hard series have been released so far?
24 Which male singing voice is between tenor & bass?
25 Which US singer is currently in the top 5 with the album Partners?
26 Which flower does the spice saffron come from?
27 Which actress connects Sherlock with Till Death Us Do Part with Worzel Gummidge?
28 What was the first number plate issued in the UK?
29 What is the Harlem Globetrotters theme song?
30 What Occurs Once In Every Minute, Twice In Every Moment & Never In A Thousand Years?


1 Ronald Reagan
2 Greenham Common
3 Clint Eastwood
4 Today
5 Mexico
6 Chattanooga Choo Choo
7 Miami
8 Copper
9 Jack Nicklaus
10 Mary
11 Tobermory
12 Swap Shop
13 Grape
14 Bagpuss
15 PJ & Duncan
16 Red & Blue
17 Indoor Bowls
18 Two
19 McLaren
20 Ten
21 Daily Express
22 Eight
23 Five
24 Baritone
25 Barbra Streisand
26 Crocus
27 Una Stubbs
28 A1
29 Sweet Georgia Brown
30 The letter M

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