Quiz 099

Quiz 099

1 What kind of creatures were Jeremy Fisher & Mrs Tiggy Winkle in the Beatrix Potter books?
2 The Rembrandts recorded the title song for which US sitcom?
3 Which cheese is known as the King of English Cheeses?
4 Which REM song is currently being used to promote Eastenders by the BBC?
5 Gunn & Moore are specialists in producing equipment for which sport?
6 In construction what does RSJ stand for?
7a What is the correct chemical name for laughing gas?
7b The smell of rotten eggs (& stink bombs) is caused by which gas?
8 Which serial killer killed himself in Wakefield Prison in January 2004?
9 What was Field Marshall Montgomery’s first name?
10 Which models of car by Fiat, Lancia & Vauxhall feature in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet?
11 What do Americans call Rememberance Day?
12 Which woodwind instrument is used to tune an orchestra?
13 Before reunification, what were the capitals of East & West Germany?
14 In which year (+- 1) did it become compulsory to wear front seat belts?
15 Which 3 seas are to the North, West & South of Turkey?
16 In 2012 someone paid £78000 for a see through dress worn by which model at a university fashion show?
17 Which American airline was the first to offer transatlantic passenger flights?
18 How many councils voted YES in the Scottish referendum?
19 Which song by John Sullivan is sung over the closing titles of Only Fools and Horses?
20 Which landmark runs from postcode CA7 to postcode NE28?
21 A sacred beetle called a scarab was revered in which ancient culture?
22a Who had hits with these “car” songs? Cars 1979, Driving In My Car 1982, Big Yellow Taxi 1970
23 Der Kaiser was the nickname of which German footballer?
24 In which US State was President Obama born?
25 The drug fluoxetine is better known by which trade name?
26 The rate at which creatures evolve over time is measured in Darwins – True or false?
27 What breed of dog is used to advertise Hush Puppies?
28 In which British city is Heriot Watt University?
29 Americans call it a pacifier – what do we call it?
30 Which TV detective pairings were played by-
Warren Clarke/Colin Buchanan; Felicity Kendal/Pam Ferris; Suranne Jones/Lesley Sharp


1 Frog & Hedgehog
2 Friends
3 Stilton
4 Everybody Hurts
5 Cricket
6 Rolled Steel Joist
7a Nitrous oxide
7b Hydrogen sulphide
8 Harold Shipman
9 Bernard
10 Bravo Delta Victor
11 Veterans’ Day
12 Oboe
13 East Berlin & Bonn
14 1983
15 Black, Aegean & Mediterranean
16 Kate Middleton
17 PanAm
18 Four
19 Hooky Street
20 Hadrian’s wall
21 Egyptian
22 Gary Numan Madness Joni Mitchell
23 Beckenbauer
24 Hawaii
25 Prozac
27 Basset Hound
28 Edinburgh
29 Baby’s dummy
30 Dalziel & Pascoe, Rosemary & Thyme, Scott & Bailey

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