Quiz 098

Quiz 098

Connections 1
1 Which classic horse race for 3 year-old fillies takes place at Epsom in early June over I Mile 4 furlongs?
2 Which group had hits with Bus Stop, Stop Stop Stop & On A Carousel in the 60s?
3 Who played Sir Humphrey Appleby in Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister?
4 What was the nickname given to Howard Hughes large flying boat built in the 40’s which only flew once?
5 Who played James T Kirk in the most recent Star Trek films?
5a Connection?

Connections 2
6 Often called squashed fly cake, which currant & flaky pastry cake is named after an area in Manchester?
7 Which American singer left his marriage to Debbie Reynolds to marry Elizabeth Taylor in 1959?
8 Which goalkeeper made 292 appearances for Manchester Utd between 1991 & 1999?
9 Which silent comedian was known as The Great Stone Face?
10 What was the name of the overweight dance troupe featured on Les Dawson’s TV shows?
10a Connection?

Connections 3
11 What was the name of the woman who ran sex parties in the 70s & 80s where clients paid with Luncheon Vouchers?
12 In which newspaper did the cartoon strip The Perishers feature?
13 Which of the Goon Show characters voiced by Peter Sellars was dressed as a Boy Scout?
14 Which part of a house was subject to tax from 1696 until 1850?
15 What phrase is often used a rhyming slang for car?
15a Connection?

16 How many squares are not covered by pieces at the start of a game of draughts?
17 In the dice game of craps what is double one known as?
18 In which language version of Scrabble are there no Qs Xs or Zs but there are double Ls & double Fs?
19 The Nintendo game Donkey Kong first introduced which character?
20 In which game might you employ a King’s Indian Defence?

General Knowledge
21 Pine nuts, garlic & basil mixed with olive oil make what kind of Italian sauce?
22 At which Scottish golf course is the Ryder Cup being played this year?
23 Which sport is played by Leicester Riders, Worcester Wolves & Cheshire Phoenix?
24 Donald Campbell’s Bluebird was raised from the bottom of which lake?
25 What was Dirty Harry’s surname?
26 The Brockman family feature in which TV series?
27 Which weapon was first used in combat at the Somme in September 1916?
28 What do Americans call the star constellation The Plough?
29 In Australia a Pie Floater is a meat pie floating in what?
30 Who had a number one single with the song Tiger Feet in 1974?


1 Oaks
2 Hollies
3 Nigel Hawthorne
4 Spruce Goose
5 Chris Pine
5a Connection – Trees
6 ECCLES cake (Corrie)
7 EDDIE Fisher (Frasier)
8 Peter SCHMEICHEL (Corrie)
9 BUSTER Keaton (Paul O’Grady)
10 ROLY Polys (Eastenders)
10a Connection – TV Dogs
11 Cynthia PAYNE
12 Daily MIRROR
15 Jam JAR
15a Connection – Made of glass
16 40
17 Snake eyes
18 Welsh
19 Mario
20 Chess
21 Pesto
22 Gleneagles
23 Basketball
24 Coniston
25 Callaghan
26 Outnumbered
27 Tank
28 Big Dipper
29 Pea soup
30 Mud – That’s right,that’s right, that’s right……..


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