Porridge Quiz

A tougher than usual quiz for fans of the Ronnie Barker TV Series Porridge.

1 Porridge came out of a Ronnie Barker series of “one off” comedies called……….?
2 In this first pilot episode, Fletcher was being escorted to Slade from which other prison?
3 Mr Barrowclough is one of the warders, but what is his first name?
4 Cyril Heslop is in the first few episodes and is not the brightest of chaps. Appropriately when is his birthday?
5 In the episode about gambling Fletcher considers whether he could persuade which animals to race?
6 In the episode where the inmates get a day out to dig trenches, who agrees to show his tattoos to Godber?
7 Fletcher drafts letters for fellow inmates to send to their loved ones warning them not to stray. Who does Lukewarm send his letter to?
8 In the episode about the stolen tin of pineapple chunks, where does Fletch say they originated from?
9 What was the name of Godber’s girlfriend who dumps him in Series 2?
10 What was the name of the prison officer who replaced Mr Mackay in the episode called “Disturbing The Peace”?
11 Which football ground did Norris dig up looking for stashed money using Blanco’s map?
12 In the Christmas episode about Tommy Slocombe’s tunnel, Fletch receives a false passport during his hospital trip from a girl pretending to work in which department?
13 What is the name of the judge who sentenced Fletch?
14 When Godber is studying for his history exam, Fletch & Warren steal which exam papers from the education room?
15 Which real prison was used for the filming of the Porridge film?


1 Seven of One
2 Brixton
3 Henry
4 April 1st
5 Pigs
6 Navy Rum
7 Trevor
8 Honolulu
9 Denise
10 Mr Wainwright
11 Leeds Utd
12 Radiology
13 Rawley
14 Biology
15 Chelmsford

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