Quiz 096

Quiz 096

1 Why did the Raffle family make news at Stonehenge this week?
2 For 5 points name the 5 countries with a border with Syria
3 How many different spices are there in allspice?
4 How many witches do you need to form a coven?
5 A kissing gourami is what kind of creature?
6 What were the first names of the characters played by Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue in Neighbours?
7 Cilantro is the US name for which herb common in Asian cooking?
8 What is the more common name for H M Prison Manchester?
9 How many cards are there in total in Cluedo?
10a The G B Shaw play Pygmalion was used as the story for which Oscar winning musical?
10b The film Philadelphia Story was made into which Bing Crosby/Frank Sinatra musical?
11 What is the common name for the patella?
12a Which product was advertised with the phrase “plink plink fizz fizz”?
12b Which sweet was advertised with the phrase “How will you eat yours?”?
12c Which biscuit was advertised with the phrase “A drink’s too wet without one”?
13 Which 2 diseases are caused by the lack of vitamin C & D (in that order)?
14 In which sci-fi TV series did each episode end with main character saying “Oh boy!”?
15 For 200 years between 1600 & 1800, 3 names accounted for 50% of girls  – which 3?
16 Chippendale used only one type of wood in his furniture, what was it?
17 David Essex,Sarah Lancashire, Eileen Derbyshire – which of these is named after their place of birth?
18 What colour is octopus blood?
19 From which 2 countries were Ban Ki Moon & Kofi Annan the last 2 UN Secretary Generals?
20a If your car’s odometer is not working – would your car fail its MOT?
20b How many mirrors are required to pass an MOT test?
21 What type of fish is traditionally used in the Scottish dish cullen skink?
22a How many engines did Concorde have?
22b How many were built – 14 16 or 20?
22c Two of those built were originally intended as supersonic combat aircraft – true or false?
23 Cheers & its spin off Frazier were set in which 2 American cities?
24a Who invaded Britain in 43 AD?
24b Who invaded Britain in 793?
25 What was the name of the Bay City Rollers TV show named after one of their hits?
26 How much is 2 bits worth in cents in the USA?
27 In 1974 which engaged couple won the Men’s & Women’s Singles titles at Wimbledon?
28 Preston the sheep rustling cyber dog was responsible for sending which innpcent film character to prison?
29 What were the first names of the father and son Campbells famous for breaking speed records?
30 3 clues to versions of Fawlty Towers used on the hotel sign in the series:
Strip the skin off the aquatic creatures; overweighty birds; diluted chickens


1 Filmed & photographed with Barack Obama
2 Israel Lebanon Jordon Iraq Turkey
3 One
4 13
5 Fish
6 Scott & Charlene
7 Coriander
8 Strangeways
9 21 (6 weapons, 6 suspects, 9 rooms)
10a My Fair Lady
10b High Society
11 Knee cap
12a Alka Seltzer
12b Cadbury Creme Egg
12c Rich Tea
13 Scurvy & Rickets
14 Quantum Leap
15 Anne Mary Elizabeth
16 Mahogany
17 David Essex
18 Blue
19 South Korea & Ghana
20a No – Mileage reader is not in MOT
20b 2 – a rear view & wing mirror
21 Haddock
22a 4
22b 20
23 Boston/Seattle
24a Romans
24b Vikings
25 Shang a Lang
26 25 cents (Quarter)
27 Jimmy Connors/Chris Evert
28 Grommit
29 Malcolm, Donald

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