Quiz 088

Quiz 088

Not Well
1 Which US female artist had a UK number one with Band of Gold in 1970?
2 Which 2 word phrase describes coming off addictive drugs abruptly rather than gradually?
3 In which horror film series would you hear the phrase “Hello, I want to play a game”?
4 Whose birthday is celebrated on the 25th January?
5 For which 1975 film did Jack Nicholson win Best Actor Oscar?
6 What is the second book of the Old Testament?
7 Shinto is the main religion of which Asian country?
8 Which day marks the start of Lent?
9 Who is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England?
10 What are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints better known as?
Same Letter
11 Which American composer wrote the opera Porgy & Bess?
12 The Big Easy is the nickname of which golfer?
13 What was the name of Leonard Rossiter’s character in Rising Damp?
14 What was the name of the detective created by Dashiell Hammett in the book the Maltese Falcon?
15 Which England cricketer scored 333 & 123 against India in a Test Match in 1990?
16 The Welsh Grand National is run at which racecourse?
17 Which musical instrument is the regarded as the national instrument of Wales?
18 If you asked for cwrw (koo-roo) in Wales what would you be served?
19 What is the only city in Wales beginning with B?
20 Do you pay a toll on the Severn Bridge when you enter Wales, leave Wales or both?
General Knowledge
21 Which silent screen star was known as the Great Stone Face?
22 The Murray Darling is the longest river in which country?
23 Name either of the 2 cities that the Roman road Erskine Street ran to from London?
24 What is the capital of the Irish county of Leinster?
25 Which Greek mythical creature was half man half horse?
26 Which Northern city is also the maiden name of Samantha Cameron?
27 How much was the London congestion charge when it was first introduced in 2003?
28 Which former Corrie actress played Cleopatra in Carry On Cleo?
29 Which dynasty ruled China from 1368 to 1644?
30 Which 3 countries did George W Bush describe as an “axis of evil”?


1 Freda Payne
2 Cold turkey
3 Saw
4 Robert Burns
5 One ”Flu” Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
6 Exodus
7 Japan
8 Ash Wednesday
9 Queen
10 Mormons
11 George Gershwin
12 Ernie Els
13 Rupert Rigsby
14 Sam Spade
15 Graham Gooch
16 Chepstow
17 Harp
18 Beer
19 Bangor
20 Enter Wales
21 Buster Keaton
22 Australia
23 Lincoln or York
24 Dublin
25 Centaur
26 Sheffield
27 £5.00
28 Amanda Barrie
29 Ming
30 Iraq Iran North Korea

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