Quiz 087

Quiz 087

1 Which singer & songwriter has adopted the same name as a character in My Fair Lady?
2 In the board game Operation what part of the body lights up if you touch the metal edge with the tweezers?
3 What is the name of Fence 15 in the Grand National?
4 How many top 40 hit songs has Nicole Kidman had in the UK?
5 Which Internet Search Engine lost its literary connection when it shortened its name to Ask.com in 2006?
6a The saxophone is named after Adolphe Sax – True or false
6b The sousaphone is named after John Philip Sousa – True or false
6c The flugelhorn is named after Gustaf Flugel – True or false
7 Oberon & Titania are the King & Queen of the Fairies in which Shakespeare play?
8 Which actor’s film company founded the Sundance Film Festival?
9 What do you need to play the games klondike, canfield & clock?
10 East Pakistan is the former name of which country?
11 Who is the eldest of the Queen’s grandchildren?
12 Where in Scotland did Butlins have a holiday camp?
13 Which Lib Dem MP was jailed after lying about driving points?
14 All the proceeds from Peter Pan are bequeathed to which London hospital?
15 For Red Nose Day 2011 which 4 comedians gave their name to a flavour of Walkers crisps?
16 In which decade was the bread ciabatta first created – 1780s, 1880s or 1980s?
17 How many albums did the Spice Girls release as a group – 3 , 4 or 5?
18 On which British racetrack would you find Maggots, Beckets & Copse?
19 The equator runs through which 3 South American countries?
20 Which island is joined to the UK mainland by the Menai Bridge?
21 Which 3 banks are allowed to issue Scottish banknotes?
22 Which ventriloquists had these dummies – Lamb Chop, Nookie Bear, Orville?
23 Spiro Agnew & Gerald Ford were Vice-presidents to which US President?
24 What size paper is half a sheet of A4?
25 Which actor finished second in the Le Mans 24hr Race in 1979?
26 What is the name of the sugar found naturally in milk?
27 Which 2 European countries & members of the UN (other than UK) are members of the Commonwealth?
28 In which country is the worlds largest whisky distillery?
29 Which famous racehorse won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1964, 1965 & 1966?
30 Which country provides players to the West Indies cricket team but is not an island?


1 Eliza Doolittle
2 Nose
3 Chair
4 Two (Something Stupid with Robbie Williams, Come What May with Ewan McGregor)
5 Ask Jeeves
7 A Midsummer Nights Dream
8 Robert Redford
9 Pack of cards
10 Bangladesh
11 Peter Phillips
12 Ayr
13 Chris Huhne
14 Great Ormond Street
15 Frank Skinner, Jimmy Carr, Stephen Fry, Al Murray
16 1980s
17 3 Spice , Spiceworld, Forever
18 Silverstone
19 Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador
20 Anglesey
21 Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank
22 Shari Lewis, Roger De Coursey, Keith Harris
23 Richard Nixon
24 A5
25 Paul Newman
26 Lactose
27 Cyprus & Malta
28 Japan (Suntory)
29 Arkle
30 Guyana

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