Quiz 086

Quiz 086

1 On the TV show QI – what does QI stand for?
2 What is the first name of Mrs Brown in the series Mrs Brown’s Boys?
3 Who was the original female presenter of The Voice?
4 Colin Ball was the proper name of which character in Only Fools and Horses?
5 Can you name the 2 cricketers who have won Strictly Come Dancing?
6 Stewart Copeland was the drummer with which band?
7 Definitely Maybe was the debut album of which band?
8 In 1985 who were the first UK duo to play in China?
9 Whose debut single in the 80s was Goody Two Shoes?
10 Which band opened the Wembley Live Aid concert & which song did they open with?
11 In which decade was the song Flower of Scotland written – 1760s, 1860s or 1960s?
12 Which Scottish football team play their home games at Tannadice Park?
13 Unst & West Burra are 2 of the islands in which island group in Scotland?
14 Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk was the inspiration for which literary character?
15 Which 2 Scots have won the F1 World Championship?
16 A lactometer is used to measure the density of which liquid?
17 27% of the Sun is made up of which element?
18 Often used to make darts & light bulb filaments, which element has the chemical symbol W?
19 Which Japanese company now famous for computer games began in 1889 making playing cards?
20 Conduction is one of the 3 ways heat can be transferred, what are the other 2?
General Knowledge
21 “Now is the winter of our discontent” is the opening line of which Shakespeare play?
22 Which country won the last Cricket World Cup in 2011?
23 What was the title of the 2005 film about the life of Johnny Cash?
24 What is the longest motorway in Britain?
25 Which British swimmer was the model for the mermaid statue on the Isle of Wight?
26 The presenter Emma Freud is the great granddaughter of the psychologist Seigmund Freud – True or false?
27 Who did Andy Murray beat to win Olympic Gold in 2012?
28 The Blockheads were the backing band for which singer who died in 2000?
29 Which actress who died in 2001 appeared in 24 Carry On films?
30 Which planet is the smallest in the solar system?


1 Quite Interesting
2 Agnes
3 Holly Willoughby
4 Trigger
5 Darren Gough, Mark Ramprakash
6 Police
7 Oasis
8 Wham!
9 Adam Ant
10 Status Quo, Rockin’ All Over The World
11 1960s
12 Dundee Utd
13 Shetland
14 Robinson Crusoe
15 Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark
16 Milk
17 Helium
18 Tungsten
19 Nintendo
20 Convection & radiation
21 Richard III
22 India
23 Walk The Line
24 M6
25 Sharron Davies
27 Roger Federer
28 Ian Dury
29 Joan Sims
30 Mercury

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